Turn off the Fan

Take note of the direction in which the ceiling fan blades are spinning before turning off the unit for cleaning. The air in a space circulates and heats clockwise while cooling anticlockwise. This is an excellent moment to change the fan direction if you haven’t already for the season.


Before cleaning, place an old sheet or drop cloth under the fan to catch any dust. Vacuum the floor beneath the fan after if neither is accessible.

Position Yourself to Clean

Instead of using a chair or table, which are less stable, for cleaning a ceiling fan, use a solid step stool or step ladder. Make sure the step ladder or stool is set up on a level area and that it won’t move or skid. You should be able to reach the ceiling fan without having to stretch your reach too far with the stool or step ladder.

How to Clean Ceiling Fan Blades with a Pillowcase

Dust and filth won’t blow over the place thanks to this practical tip. The pillowcase traps all of the dust, making cleanup simple. It is also practical for cleaning large fan blades, such as blades in the shape of a fan.


  • One at a time slowly places a pillowcase over the ceiling fan blades.
  • Dust the sides, top, and bottom of the fan blade with the pillowcase. To ensure that any dust is cleaned right into the pillowcase, pull the pillowcase away.
  • After cleaning each fan blade, shake the pillowcase outside while turning it inside out. Wash it in the washing after that.
  • More care must be taken with fan blades that have a lot of accumulation. With a soft cloth and a mild cleanser, clean the fan base and blades. You could also combine white vinegar and water 50/50.


To prevent breathing in dust particles while dusting beneath a ceiling fan, put on a dust mask. Wearing safety glasses will assist in keeping dust out of your eyes. To keep the dust out of your hair, put on a hat or hair cover.

How to Clean Blades with an Extendable Duster

When cleaning a ceiling fan, extendable dusters with flexible heads make it easy to reach the fan without a ladder or step stool. Clean the base and both sides of the blades of dust. Most of the dust and dirt will be removed in this way.

Clean the Sides of the Blades

When cleaning a ceiling fan, don’t overlook the sides of the blades. They are frequently forgotten during cleaning even though they get just as filthy as the other blades. Use disinfectant wipes or the cleaner mixture to clean the blades’ sides.

Remove Globe and Clean

Remove the glass globe from the ceiling fan if it has one, then wash it with warm, soapy water. Once completely dry, reinstall it on the ceiling fan. If the bulbs are still functional, dust them off using a dry microfiber towel.


Replace the light bulbs with longer-lasting, higher-efficiency ones to help you save money.

Clean Pull Chain and Motor

Don’t forget to clean the draw chain and motor of the ceiling fan because they can collect dust and filth.


With a cloth, clean the motor and pull the chain.

Spray a little compressed air within the motor housing to clear the interior of any dust.

How to Clean a Box Fan

Even with regular dusting, the blades and inside of box fans acquire dust and debris and should be cleaned at least twice a year.


  • Remove the grill after turning it off and unplugging the fan. The grill on most fans can be removed by hand-unfastening tabs or unscrewing it with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the blade cap and slide the blades free if the blades are detachable.
  • With a cleaning cloth, gently wash the blades and grill with a mild all-purpose cleanser or a mixture of water and dish soap. Cleaning the blades with disinfecting wipes is another option. The cleaning should not be sprayed directly onto the blades.
  • Warm-flowing water should be used to rinse the blades and grill.
  • Place the grill and blades on a towel to dry.
  • Vacuum the fan motor’s nooks and crannies.
  • Wipe off the base and the rest of the fan’s surfaces with a clean cloth.
  • Reattach the blades, blade cap, and grill after everything is dry.


Learn how to clean a fan to keep it running smoothly and your home cool. Do you require a trendy ceiling fan right away? No worries. Contact The Fan Studio now!