The installation process of these both the Netgear AC750 and N300 extender models is so easy. On this page, you will learn the full theory regarding these Netgear devices. 

LED Description Of Netgear AC750 Extender 

Power LED: Solid amber establishes that the extender is booting up. Solid green determines that your extender device is now perfectly turned on. On the other hand, an off LED determines that your extender is off. 

WPS LED: Due to enabled WiFi protection the WPS LED starts flashing solid green. A WiFi-protected system connection is being established in a blinking green LED. Off WPS LED means that there is not any licence for WiFi protection. 

How To Link AC750 Extender To Wireless Network

You can easily connect your Netgear AC750 Extender to a WiFi network by pushing the WiFi-protected system button. 

  • First, place your Netgear AC750 extender plug in an electrical socket. 
  • Now, push the extender WPS button until the WPS LED starts blinking. 
  • After that, press the main router WPS button. 
  • Now, you can see the stable green LED on both gadgets. 
  • As a result, it means the Netgear AC750 setup process is now completely done. 

How To Access Into Netgear AC750 Extender Settings

Lately, while doing the installation process of the Netgear AC750 extender, you will need to login into the extender to change the settings that you want. 

  • On that WiFi-containing gadget that links to the extender network, open a web browser. 
  • Now, you will need to insert the setup portal in the address bar. 
  • After that, the Netgear login page will open up on your display. 
  • To visit the login page, now fill in all the credentials which show on the login page. 
  • Hence, by doing all the above steps, you can easily change any settings of your Netgear AC750 extender device which you want. 

LED Descriptions Of Netgear N300 Extender 

Client LED: 

The attachment between the computer and the extender device. 

  • Solid green LED establishes that there is a best connection between the extender and the computer. 
  • A stable amber LED determines that there is a good connection between the extender and the computer. 
  • A constant red LED specifies that there is a poor connection between the extender and the computer. 

Power LED: 

  • Solid amber LED specifies that the Netgear N300 extender device is booting up. 
  • A stable green LED assigns that your N300 extender device is completely turned on. 
  • Off-power LED establishes that your Netgear N300 extender device is turned off. 


  • WiFi security is enabled when a solid green LED starts flashing. 
  • The blinking green LED specifies that the WPS connection is in progress. 
  • Off LEDs establish that there is no allowance for WiFi protection. 

How To Do Installation Of Netgear N300 Extender Device

You can easily do the configuration process of the Netgear extender with the help of a web browser. 

  • First, on your mobile phone or on a computer using a WiFi network manager to look and link to the Netgear extender network. 
  • Now, open navigation on the same computer or mobile phone. 
  • After that, insert the IP address in the URL field. 
  • Next, the login page will open up on your screen. 
  • Further, select the WiFi network option to increase the WiFi signal strength. Hit on the continue button.
  • Afterward, in the password field, fill in the network password. In the name field, insert the SSID of the new Netgear WiFi extender network. 
  • Use a WiFi network manager on your computer or on a mobile phone to attach to the Netgear N300 extender WiFi network. 
  • Pick the verify box and hit on the continue button. 
  • Now, unplug your Netgear N300 extender and locate it in that location where you are facing slow-speed internet. 

As a result, with the help of this method, you will complete the Netgear N300 setup process. 

Note: If you are facing any issues during this method, then you can try to use the WPS method to do the installation process of the Netgear N300 extender device. 

With the assistance of this page, now you will be able to do the configuration process of both AC750 and N300 Netgear extender devices in a short time. In case, after the setup, you are facing any issues then you will need to contact our technical team experts. It will guide you on every step.