An actor’s job is to fool you into thinking he or she is someone else entirely. Actors bring physicality and meaning to the words of the writer. The wigs and costumes worn by the actors are the work of the costume designer. There are also those that specialize in things like cosmetics and set design. Together as a group, we hope to realize a world populated by believable individuals.

Some of the characters are believable, while others are not. Characters must maintain a consistent appearance even when they’re wearing different clothes. Likewise, you’ll find it to be true for yourself.

The act of putting on clothes is a reflex for many of us. When we throw on our clothes without thinking, we may send the wrong message. What you wear and the things you accessorize with say a lot about you and how you want to be perceived.

Ladies of the Baby Boomer generation, let me show you how to express your individuality via the use of color and accessories.

A Confident, Calm Appearance

Accessories in subdued tones can convey an image of soft tenderness or understated sophistication.

They are most commonly worn by introverted Baby Boomer ladies. They enter a room with the understated confidence that comes from knowing who they are and being at ease in that skin.

Wearing light-colored clothing and accessorizing with similarly pale hues is a great way to convey the idea that you are or want to be perceived as delicate and feminine. Pale blue, lilac, soft apricot, mint, soft turquoise earrings, pale pink, white, and cream are all examples of gentle hues. A garment in a gentle turquoise hue, paired with a lilac flower, a handbag in a muted hue, and silver or gold jewelry, such as a watch, would be an appropriate illustration of this.

Using complementary, medium-to-deep colors, such as a deep red dress with complementary, somewhat darker red accessories, is a surefire way to seem polished and put together. Plum, raspberry, medium-to-dark turquoise, and rich brown are some other hues. Accessories that are rich in color or metal but basic in design are considered elegant.

Exuding an Atmosphere of Inspiring Confidence

These are the ultimate mood boosters, with accessories that excite and empower both introverts and extroverts. At this point, you have no qualms about making a good impression on other people.

Using medium-strength warm colors with brilliant contrasting-color accessories will make you look passionate, fun, inspiring, and exciting. Any shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, olive, and red-purple are considered warm. You may achieve this style by pairing a dress with a pattern in a medium brown color with some bright green accessories, such as earrings and a clutch.

Wearing garments in a medium tone and accessorizing with lighter and darker hues can give you the impression of being strong, self-assured, wealthy, and the center of attention. To convey strength and self-assurance without coming across as brash, try pairing a medium-grey pinstriped suit with a light- and dark-purple scarf and deep fuchsia shoes.

Presenting a Strong and Dramatic Appearance

This style is perfect for the extroverted person, or for revealing your inner extrovert. Your goal is to grab people’s attention and make a strong impression. You’ll play up your sense of drama and swagger by highlighting such contrasts.

Wearing light-colored clothing with accessories that have light and dark contrast in them will make you stand out and look exciting, invigorating, and confident. A white shirt with a deep red and white scarf or cravat and a deep red velvet purse is a nice illustration of this. Yes, I know you’re looking at me.

Try going in the opposite direction if you’re going for an air of authority, dignity, or dramatic flair. Combine dark garments with bright, dramatic accents. Wear a black dress and accessorize with a huge, dramatic necklace of pink or cream pearls. It’s giving me an appearance of moderate restraint.