You might be unsure where to begin if you’re considering producing marijuana. Plants can be grown from weed seeds jack herer, or cuttings, or you can clone an existing plant. For guidance, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of seeds against cuttings. You can be certain of what you’re getting by growing a plant from a cutting of an existing one. You receive a female plant if you clone a female plant.

Even though an auto-flowering strain can technically be cloned, doing so is typically not worth the bother because the yield from the clone is less high. Purchase seeds if you wish to cultivate auto-flowering strains.

Furthermore, you can’t tell the strain of a plant from its seed, so you can only predict the strain the seed will produce if you know what plant the seed originated from.

Best Way To Get Seeds or Cuttings

When growing cannabis for personal use is permitted, most dispensaries will typically sell cannabis seeds. Growers who sell cuttings and clones may also be found. A ten-seed bundle will cost you between $50 and $100. To ensure you purchase the appropriate seeds or cuttings (the strain) for the plants you want to cultivate, read the labels on the products you purchase and any other information the manufacturer provides on its website or in its catalog.

Here are some essential qualities to take into account when purchasing seeds or cuttings:

Feminized seeds: Most of the seeds offered by trustworthy businesses are feminized; however, you should confirm this. These seeds receive special care so that they will develop into female plants.

Photoperiod vs. auto-flowering: Auto-flowering plants are simpler since they reach the blooming stage after a predetermined number of weeks, irrespective of the length of the day. Consider carefully choosing auto-flowering plants if you’re a novice.

Genetic background: The genetic background should be mentioned if the seeds come from a well-known strain or a crossbreed.

Blend: The percentage of the three species—sativa, indica, and ruderalis—represents the blend. Ruderalis, the plant’s autoflowering component, is in varying amounts in all autoflowering strains.

Yield indoors: The amount of buds produced per square meter of a plant cultivated indoors is known as the yield.

Yield outdoors: The number of dried buds produced by each plant when grown outside.

Plant height indoors: Lower than when grown outside.

Outdoor plant height: It is taller than the interior plant height.

Time to harvest: How many weeks after germination should the bloom be available for harvest?

Effect: The kind of sensation you can anticipate after ingesting plant products.

How To Start Cannabis Seeds Growing

It needs to be dark and about 70 degrees for seeds to germinate. You can sow seeds directly into the soil in a garden or container as long as the soil is light and fluffy, allowing the roots to spread out and the stalk to poke through the soil. There are many ways to germinate seeds (in soil, on a wet paper towel, or in starter plugs). Place the seeds in the soil between 1/4 and 1/2 inch deep, then lightly cover them with soil.

Most crucial, seeds require a moist atmosphere to germinate; if it’s too dry, they won’t. In colder climates, a heat mat can improve the success of germination.


If you decide to get weed seeds jack herer online and have them sent to you, make sure the retailer has a good reputation by researching it extensively and reading customer reviews.