Do you often leave your dog at home only to find out that he or she has chewed your furniture? Dogs can be destructive. Chewing is something that is natural for them.

But it can also be a bad habit that you can curb. You just need to understand the reason why your pet is chewing everything in sight.

One of the common reasons is teething. If you still have a puppy, check to see if your pup’s gums are swollen. It could be a sign that new teeth are coming in. For adult dogs, excessive chewing can be caused by boredom. If they have nothing to do, they can resort to chewing.

1.Use a chew toy

Try giving your pet a chew toy. There are many different kinds of chew toys out there. If your pet ignores the one you bought, try another kind. Some chew toys might be too stiff or too soft. Find the one that is right for your pet.

2.Use a spray

There are spray products that act as a repellant. It can prevent dogs from picking up that particular object. You can use that spray on the objects that they tend to chew on.

3.Keep your pet in an empty room

Train your dog not to gnaw on anything. You can put your pet in a pen if you are not around.

Talk to your pet’s vet in Maple Ridge as well. Go to a vet in Maple Ridge like Riverwood Veterinary Clinic so you can determine what else you can do to stop excessive pet chewing.