Our beauty tip is for teen age child, men, women, and all country people while he should be Asian, African American or Indian. Each and every one wants to look good and smart as they can. Many people invest their money on beauty products too look good and beautiful. There are no of beauty treatments in which we use the ingredients easily available at our planet beauty, Following are the few tips of material available in kitchen without any extra cost.

Beauty tips to look good

  • To remove puffiness we can use a drop of a very fresh oil.
  • To cool our eyes we can use cucumber and we can also use cotton pads socked into milk lie-down with closed eyes and put them on closed eyes.
  • When you go for sleep put a drop of rose water into your eyes.
  • You can apply a hot water, fermentation on your lips and then apply a mixture of honey on it. Apply it in three times in a day.
  • To prevent lip from drying up we use rose petals with milk butter.
  • For delay of age sport we use a piece of lemon and to your whole hand.
  • When you not have time for shampooing the hair before going out, then take a tablespoon talcum powder or you can also take corn flour through hair. It gives you the good result.
  • To prevent hair loss you should take a drink of blend bananas with honey curd and low fat milk drink this for a month..
  • When you set your hair first you should be dry it first and then you roll your hair inward and outward at the end. And then heat it for a second after that let it cool.this setting the hair will last longer and make your hair looks beautiful.
  • First shampoo your hair and after doing shampoo take some conditioner in your hand and massage it in your hair let it for 5 minute and then wash your hair again. You will find your hair looking good.
  • To make your hair shinier add 2 tablespoon of vinegar.use it as rinse and then towel dry your hair.Avoid strong sunlight and use sun cream.
  • Drink the water as much as you can. Not more but at list 1liter.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables because it affects our body nutrient.
  • We use a hair color containing sunscreen.
  • You can also use Coconut oil to keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong.
  • Waxing help us to remove unwonted hair from our body and it also removes the top layer of your skin, along with impurities that lie on the surface of our body.
  • our neck and shoulders get the same amount of sun ray as your face get so give them a same treatment of protection.

Skin care in winter season:

  • In winter our skin need more moisturizers. In summer we need a highly protective day cream.
  • In winter Chapped lips are most noticeable to avoid it you can take care of lip balm whole day.
  • You can avoid the clay based mask as they dry the skin
  • High fat soaps are good for skin in winter season, as they do not dry our skin.
  • After every hand wash applies moisture to your hand. Always keep moisture with you.
  • Avoids the use of soap as much as you can use natural emollients such as olive oil or herbal oil.

Skin care in summer season:

  • Always use a good suns cream in summer.
  • That the cream protects your skin from sun rays.
  • Drink the water in summer as much as you can.nearly about 8 glass in a hot summer days and also carry a water bottle with you as It help you to fell fresh.
  • If you get a sunburned, apply aloe era or its lotion.the aloe era help your skin to recover faster.
  • Apply light oil on heels at night. Wrap in cotton gauze and leave it for a night, for soft and good feet.

Skin care in rainy season:

Use the cleanser to wash the deep inside skin.

Orange pest are use to wash the face and also should be use in twice in a week.

Takes some ice peace in a cloth and rub it on your face best korean skincare. Due to this skin gland get contracted and skin does not feel oily.

Face scrub should be use twice in a week.

Avoid moisture and oily foundation in rainy season.

Face wash contain an alpha hydroxyl acid help to fresh your skin.