Error CC 501 can annoy users when they use QuickBooks to connect to their bank for acquiring transaction-related data. Users should follow this walkthrough to get a clear picture of this error and the different ways to fix QuickBooks Error CC 501.



Primary factors leading to QuickBooks Error CC-501

  • The error shows-up when direct deposit is being set up.
  • It can also pop up when you try to open a wrong transaction file.
  • QuickBooks was not set up properly on your system.
  • Some routine server maintenance going on at the bank end.
  • QuickBooks Error C 501 can also be caused due to a broken Windows registry.


Methods for troubleshooting QuickBooks error CC 501

Following are the quick methods in order to rectify the QuickBooks error CC 501:

Method 1: Update your Transactions

  • First, you need to change the information in your online account.
  • Then, head to the account that faced the error and then observe the transaction log.
  • Afterward, click on the Actions Gear Icon and choose the Update Now option.



Method 2: Update QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks, go to the Help menu, and then choose the option to Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose Update Now.
  • Now, wait for the process to finish, and then start the installation by restarting QuickBooks.


  • Now, do your usual accounting work and see if Error CC 501 reoccurs. If it does, follow the next method.


Method 3: Remove Junk Files

  • Open Windows Run command by holding the Windows and R keys together on the keyboard.
  • Then, in the search box, type “cleanmgr” and click on Ok.
  • Choose the C drive and then click on Ok to start with the disc cleanup process.
  • After getting rid of the junk, check whether QuickBooks Error CC 501 resolved.


Method 4: Deactivate the account

  • At first, press Ctrl + A keys to head to the Tools menu.
  • Soon after, choose the list of Accounts.
  • The next step requires hitting on Edit.
  • Choose the Online Services.
  • You should now tap on the option to Deactivate and then on Yes to confirm.
  • Now, click on Setup Now.
  • Then hit on Ok, and finally click on Finish.
  • Now, tap on the option to Validate File to make sure it is correct, and then tap Ok.
  • QuickBooks will begin checking the file now. Wait for it to finish.
  • After you have done the steps above, you are supposed to move to Tools.
  • Subsequently, move to the Account List now.
  • Go to Online Services and click on the Edit button beside the account.
  • Choose the Setup option and enter the information you need to log in to your bank.
  • Now, click on the option to Save a password and then hit on Connect to continue.


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This article should help you fix QuickBooks Error CC 501. If you need QuickBooks support to get out of the pit of technical issues in QuickBooks, just connect with our certified experts at the helpline 1-800-761-1787.