It’s no surprise that there are so many papers, courses, and approaches on time management. Time is the most valuable resource in any business or work, especially for startups or freelancers. You track time to determine how many projects you can work on, if you’ll be able to accomplish tasks on time, how productive your employees are, how properly you charge your clients, and so on. Previously, the sole time control solution was a pen and a notebook, but now time tracking programmes have supplanted this manual method.

I’ll now go over the steps for creating a time management app, which are as follows: 

How to build a Custom Time Tracking App?

At RG Infotech, we assist businesses all over the world build Time tracking software and scale their working teams. So, let’s dive into the developer’s seat and see how we can make an employee time tracking tool for our Organizations.

Step 1

The first step is to define the purpose of the app and what are the features that need to be included in it. For this, you will have to make a plan as to what to include and what not, as getting things changed again and again can cause unnecessary capital loss and can also create wastage of time as well. 

Step 2

You have to know what the targeted audience will be included in it, such as employees and managers. Here you will also have to see as to who has access to what, for instance whether the managers can see what the employees are doing or not or is this facility only to the main head of the organization only. This is what is included in the second step. 

Step 3

The third step is to determine the interface of the app. The design of an employee time-tracking software, like that of a mobile app, is critical in order to produce a user-friendly and intuitive user experience. It facilitates staff time tracking, resulting in enhanced business efficiency.

Step 4

Backend support is very important for any app development! This step in the creation of an employee time tracking app entails creating the database and server-side functionality to store and retrieve data from the application. This is the point at which the actual process of creating an employee time monitoring software begins.

Step 5 

This step includes testing the app. Conduct extensive testing to ensure that the app works properly and fits the demands of the target audience. In order to ensure that your employee time tracking programme is completely error-free, extensive testing is required. So, either hire or do it yourself for mobile app development.

Step #6

After the app has been properly designed and tested, it can be deployed on the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the platform’s availability. The cost of developing a mobile app varies depending on the platform. Is included in the sixth step. 

Step 7

Check the app on a regular basis for any faults or bugs, and make updates as needed to improve its operation. Support and maintenance for mobile apps are also required to keep the app running for years.

These are the 7 easy steps to creating an employee time monitoring app that will help your business grow quickly. As stated further below, well-developed and feature-rich business software has its own set of advantages.

Benefits of a Time Tracking App

Now that we have learned how to create a time tracking app, and what are the steps to create one app, let’s now know what are the benefits of having a Time Tracking app! 

Increase your profits.

Track time accurately and simply see where your money is going. Monitor project budgets and re-prioritize tasks if something is not paying off as expected.

Bill and pay on time

When team members track time spent on individual tasks or in the middle of a project, it helps create clear goals for everyone and eliminates confusion about what each person should be doing.

Set specific goals

When your team members are tracking time towards certain tasks, or are in the process of working on them, it helps everyone set clear goals and avoids confusion about what each individual should be doing.

Boost productivity

Teams can keep on track with current projects by using time monitoring software. Look for potential obstacles in the day-to-day and utilize that information to develop ways to help your team be more productive at work.

Improve project management

Time monitoring allows you to see how long it takes your team to complete tasks. Managers can prioritize future projects and team capabilities more effectively.


Team members can use tracking software to automatically log hours and provide transparency into their work, which can help managers hold team members accountable.

Improve progress communication

Employees who track their time can inform their bosses if they can meet targets within work-week hours, making it easier for teams to express their demands to coworkers and superiors.

Wrapping It All Up…

Developing a perfect app for measuring employee productivity isn’t easy, especially with the abundance of popular employee time tracking apps on the market today. Things will become easier and more accessible if you master the abilities and become well-versed in the development process. Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about employee productivity tracking app creation, you can get started. Find a reputable mobile app development company, such as RG Infotech, explain your business requirements, and hire our specialized developers to assist you in developing an employee time monitoring app within your budget.