You might hear the terms anxiety and panic attacks regularly and interchangeably. And, that’s understandable. These terms are used in place of each other because they have many symptoms in common. However, it is important to understand the differences between these two, especially when you need to treat these conditions because recovery for these two is different from each other.

As you read further and understand the difference, it would entail that you can take the right steps to navigate anxiety and panic in a more practical way allowing you to resolve it immediately.


Let us see what these anxiety and panic attacks have in common.

Both anxiety and panic attacks involve intense feelings of fear or discomfort. The problem arises when these problems become difficult to handle and your emotions bubble up inside. As a result, your stress response ramp up, and you might experience physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, and nausea.

You might also find common experiences like racing your thoughts and a sense of detachment from the real world. Both anxiety and panic attacks are triggered mostly by stress or perceived threats evoking a complex sense of fear or anxiety. These include social triggers, exposure to traumatic events, specific phobias, or negative thoughts.

Difference in anxiety and panic attacks

In simple words, anxiety can be defined as feeling of uneasiness, where you are worried or scared without any reason. The condition can be mild or severe. Everyone has a feeling of anxiety at some point in their life. But when these feelings go away, or they get more severe, the feeling of anxiety become constant and it impacts your life in many ways.

Most of the times, anxiety attacks happen because there is some underlying stress and anxiety going on in your mind for a long time. The more the thoughts bubble up, the lesser you will have the ability to get over them. Thus, we can say that anxiety attacks are often made worse when we are regular anticipating an event where you are under pressure constantly or you have been asked to do more than your capacity or your financial stresses have gone high.

With time, these emotional reflexes grow and make things worse for us. The internal thoughts become overwhelming and you reach a breaking point. This is the point when an anxiety treatment in Melbourne can help you. Hypnotherapy in Victoria has gained popularity for treatments of anxiety and panic attacks.

Whether these flashes are momentary or stays with you for a longer time, the treatment is foolproof and helps you bring back the vigor and vitality of your life.

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