In the vibrant and diverse culinary landscape of New York City, there’s something for every palate. From gourmet restaurants to food trucks, the city offers a wide array of dining options. If you’re a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine and specifically crave the deliciousness of kosher falafel, you’re in for a treat. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a flavorful journey through the bustling streets of the Big Apple to help you find the best kosher falafel food truck in NYC.

What Makes Falafel Kosher?

Before we dive into the hunt for the best kosher falafel in NYC, let’s clarify what makes falafel kosher. Kosher dietary laws, known as Kashrut, dictate what foods observant Jewish individuals can and cannot consume. To be considered kosher, certain rules must be followed in food preparation, including the separation of dairy and meat products and the prohibition of certain animals and their byproducts.

Falafel, at its core, is kosher-friendly because it’s made from plant-based ingredients, primarily chickpeas or fava beans, mixed with herbs and spices. However, the key is in the preparation. To maintain kosher status, the falafel must be cooked in kosher oil and fried in a dedicated kosher kitchen.

The Allure of NYC Street Food

One of the most enticing aspects of New York City is its vibrant street food scene. Food trucks, with their diverse menus and on-the-go convenience, are a quintessential part of the city’s culinary culture. And when it comes to kosher falafel, NYC offers some of the best options you can find anywhere.

Navigating the Kosher Falafel Food Truck Scene

  1. Moshe’s Falafel

Moshe’s Falafel was established in 1981, a specialist in Mediterranean cuisine on 46 Street between 6 & 5 Ave Manhattan, New York. Moshe’s Falafel offers a dynamic, long-running stand offering kosher falafels, couscous & hummus plates, tossed salads, and more.

  1. Taïm Mobile

With multiple food trucks roaming the city, Taïm is a name synonymous with exceptional falafel. What sets them apart is their innovative approach, offering a variety of falafel flavors like green, red, and harissa-spiced. The falafel here is accompanied by an assortment of salads and tahini, making it a healthy yet flavorful option.

  1. Maoz Vegetarian

For those seeking a slightly different twist on traditional falafel, Maoz Vegetarian delivers. Their falafel comes in a pita or as part of a customizable salad, with a self-serve salad bar featuring an array of toppings and sauces. This food truck is perfect for those who want to build their ideal falafel creation.

  1. Shuka Truck

Exploring the streets of Manhattan, the Shuka Truck offers an eclectic Mediterranean menu that includes delectable kosher falafel. What sets them apart is their commitment to sourcing fresh, local ingredients, resulting in a farm-to-table experience on wheels. Their falafel is not to be missed, especially when paired with their homemade sauces.

Tips for Finding the Best Falafel Truck

When embarking on your quest to find the best kosher falafel food truck in NYC, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Check Reviews: Utilize review websites and apps like Yelp or Google Reviews to gauge customer satisfaction and discover hidden gems.
  2. Ask Locals: Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with locals. They often have the inside scoop on the best food trucks in the area.
  3. Follow Social Media: Many food trucks use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to announce their locations and specials.
  4. Explore Different Boroughs: NYC is a vast city with diverse neighborhoods. Be willing to venture beyond your usual route to discover new falafel experiences.


In a city that never sleeps, finding the best kosher falafel food truck in NYC can be a delightful adventure. From the traditional to the innovative, there’s a falafel truck to satisfy every palate. So, next time you’re strolling through the city streets and that falafel craving hits, use this guide to embark on a mouthwatering journey and savor the flavors of the Middle East right in the heart of the Big Apple.

Remember, the key to a memorable falafel experience lies not just in the destination but in the journey of exploration itself. Bon appétit!