What do you do to transport your skis to the mountains? Carry them on the back seat of the vehicle or tie them with a bungee cable? If any of these is your answer, you are doing this the wrong way. There is no need to take the toll to transport your gear as you can do it in no time. So how? Look out for the Best Ski racks.

A ski rack is a perfect equipment every skier should invest in to enjoy adventure sports. They are designed for your convenience while carrying the gear and leave any worries about their safety.

There are different ski racks, namely rear ski rack, front ski rack, and roof ski rack. So, to choose the best ski racks, you should know about the factors to look for in a ski rack.

What are the Key Factors to Look for in Best Ski racks?

Here are the factors you should consider to find the best ski racks for SUVs and other vehicles:

  • Ideal Positioning: a ski rack should be attached at an accessible height so that it is convenient and easy to attach and load and unload the gear.
  • Vertical Placement: look for a ski rack attached in the vertical direction so that no damage is caused to your vehicle. The best part is that you can easily load and unload the gear without parking issues.
  • Thermo-bonding HDPE Pipes: the thermo-bonding HDPE pipes are used to hold the ski securely. These pipes do not become brittle in cold temperatures and also have protection against UV rays. Therefore, these HDPE pipes make ski racks durable and long-lasting.
  • Heavy-Duty Material: to hold heavy gear, one needs a heavy-duty carrier. Therefore, premium ski racks are made from a heavy-duty material that can hold bulky gear. Furthermore, they should be able to withstand all weather conditions like slush, rain, and snow.
  • Security Lock: as a ski rack is designed to solve all the problems faced by a skiing enthusiast while transporting the gear, security is also one of them, and to solve this problem, the rack should come with a security lock to ensure the complete safety of the gear.
  • Cost-efficient: ski racks are cheaper than cargo boxes, making them an affordable medium to carry a ski rack. Moreover, the ski racks designed and manufactured within the country are cheaper and more durable as there is no import duty imposed on them, and the risk of damage while shipping the product is least. Thus, a ski rack is a cost-efficient carriage for skis and snowboards.
  • Warranty of the Ski Rack: since a ski rack is an investment, we all want it to last longer. But we are also aware that a ski rack has to go through extreme climatic conditions, slush, and snow; therefore, wear and tear is normal no matter how premium the quality of the rack is. But you can add value to your investment with the warranty for your rack, so before you buy a ski rack, check for the warranty protection for normal use and against factory damage.
  • Adaptability to your Vehicle: before you buy a ski rack, you must ensure the adaptability of the rack to your vehicle, as some of the ski racks require an existing hitch, and some come with the hitch. And some of the ski racks are compatible with particular categories of vehicles; therefore, you should consider your requirements and check for the adaptability of the rack to your vehicle to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Manufacturing Country: last but not the least, checking for the manufacturing country is an essential step to find a perfect ski rack as there is a risk of damage while importing the product from another country, and additionally, you have to pay import duty which automatically increases the cost of the product. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, look for a ski rack made in America.

Thus, to get your hands on the best ski racks for SUVs and other vehicles, consider the factors mentioned above to get the best deal.


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