Everyone gets calls from unknown numbers from time to time. We have collected several ways to help you understand who called.

Today, many users prefer not to pick up the phone when an unfamiliar number appears on the phone screen. This is due to the fact that most often, such unexpected calls come from microcredit organizations, banks, chain stores or scammers. There are enough options.

However, in order to understand who specifically called from an unknown number, it is absolutely not necessary to pick up the phone. You can go the other way. Moreover, in the digital age, you can quickly find the necessary information.

In this article, we will look at several options for how you can find out who owns an unfamiliar number without answering the call.

Number search on Google

The first place to look for information about an unfamiliar number is Google. Every day, a search robot crawls thousands of different sites. If an unknown subscriber previously “shone” his number on a forum, bulletin board or any other site, then this information will be in the Google search results.

How to Check an Unknown Number on Google

  1. Open Google.
  2. Enter phone number.
  3. Check output.

It is worth noting that when searching, it is better to use different number formats – this will increase the likelihood of finding information.

Number search on special sites

Today, there are many different sites that help to understand who called from an unknown number. Often, visitors to such resources themselves replenish the base of the service. They give ratings (dangerous/not dangerous) to certain numbers, and also share reviews and comments.

How to check an unknown number on a special site

  1. Open  resource rs .
  2. Enter your phone number in the search bar.
  3. Read reviews.

Search in messengers

Searching for information on Google or on specialized resources will help you “weed out” popular numbers used by banks and microcredit organizations, collectors, chain stores, etc. Numbers of smaller organizations or individuals do not fall into such “bases”. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to understand who called. Messengers will help in the search. In particular, Viber and  Wh atsApp . They do not hide user phone numbers.

How to check number on whatsapp and viber

  1. Add unknown number to contacts.
  2. Open messenger.
  3. Click on the new chat icon.
  4. Check if there is an unknown number in Viber or WhatsApp.

Thus, you can often find out not only the availability of a room, but also see a photo of the owner.

Install applications with caller ID

There are several different apps on the App Store and Google Play that help identify the owners of unknown numbers. One of them is  Truec aller . The program is very popular all over the world and has a huge database, which includes several million numbers. When a call comes in, Truecaller automatically detects the number and gives the user the ability to quickly block it. There is a similar function for SMS.

Also in the application you can see information about “old” calls. Unwanted numbers will have negative reviews and a corresponding mark.

Most of Truecaller’s features are available for free. However, the service also has a subscription. It costs $2.99 ​​per month. After payment, ads disappear from the application, and users get access to additional options.

Another example  is Getcontact . The application has an extensive database of numbers and can warn you about unwanted calls that come from scammers, banking robots or various spammers.

In order for such automatic identification of numbers to start working on  iP hone,  you need to do a number of simple manipulations.

How to activate caller ID feature on iOS

  1. Install app.
  2. Go Settings – Phone.
  3. Go to Call Blocking and Identification.
  4. Activate the switch next to the desired application.


As you can see, today there are many ways to understand who exactly is calling your phone. And for this you don’t even have to pick up the phone. This will protect you from unwanted calls.

But even if an unfamiliar phone number is not included in any of the databases, it is better not to call it back. There is a chance that scammers will be on the other side who will try to sell you unnecessary goods.