Executing printing tasks using Canon printer is undoubtedly the preferred printing option generally available but there may arise printing issues in the form of Canon B203 Error or the B203 Canon Error which can be fixed simply by following either of the remedial ways mentioned in this quick guide.

Understanding the Canon B203 Error

If you are attempting to extract a printout from your Canon printer and the task of printing remains incomplete then such an error will be classified as Canon Printer Error B203. This may be attributable to the fact that either the power or connectivity issues may be causing the same or there may have been scenarios of unwanted paper jams or empty ink cartridges.

Here are some quick and simple ways of fixing the Canon B203 Error

You can start by performing a power cycle

The best and perhaps the most sought-after method of fixing the Canon B203 Error is effectuating the power cycle on your computer system and the Canon printer which is elaborated in sequential steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Simply begin by switching off your Canon printer followed by removing the power cord from the electric outlet.

Step 2 – Here you have to open the Canon printer by pressing the Power button for a while.

Step 3 – Now resort to attaching the Power cord to your device again and cause your computer and Canon printer to get switched on.

Step 4 – Finally, try to extract a printout and check whether the Canon B203 Error is resolved.

Verifying the Status of Canon Printer’s Ink Cartridge

In this given method of fixing the B203 Canon Error, you just have to make sure that all the ink cartridges are full. To get this done, just pull out the ink cartridge out of the Canon printer and ascertain the levels of ink. In case the situation warrants a cartridge change, just insert the re-filled cartridges and continue printing from your Canon printer.

Fixing a Bad Connection with your Canon Printer and the Computer

The issue in the form of Canon Printer Error B203 may surface if the wireless connection between your Canon printer and the computer turns erring. In this given scenario you must try reconnecting your Canon printer with the computer by re-establishing the wireless connection wizard.

Eliminating Jammed Paper is also a fix for B203 Canon Error

Step 1 – On a preliminary basis open the front cover of your Canon printer and remove all torn papers.

Step 2 – In case you find hurdles between the paper feeding tray and the front cover, just take out the blue thumbwheel and clean the same.

Step 3 – Now, again attempt to connect your Canon printer with the computer and the power outlet.

Step 4 – Try to get the printout and check whether the B203 Canon Error stands resolved.