Due to limitations imposed by the third-party firewall on its operations, QuickBooks experiences several issues. These issues can occasionally stop QuickBooks from accessing the company file, while at other times a user cannot enter QuickBooks Desktop. This article will cover a general communication issue known as the “QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file” error, which prohibits QuickBooks from connecting with the company file. Firewalls are not the sole cause of these communication issues in QuickBooks; there are a number of additional factors that hinder access to company files stored on servers in different locations. To find comprehensive troubleshooting instructions, read the entire article.


A Brief Review of QuickBooks Cannot Communicate With the Company File Due To Firewall Error

According to the error’s name, it occurs when QuickBooks cannot retrieve the company file or establish a connection with it for a variety of reasons. When this kind of error occurs, when QuickBooks is attempting to access the company file but is unable to do so because of the firewall, you will get a notice window that reads “Cannot communicate with the company file” on your computer screen. 

The error message comes with a solution that reads, “The communication issue could be caused by a firewall issue,” along with a description of the error’s cause. You might need to change the firewall software’s configuration if one is already installed on your network. Also, the error notice advises customers to download and execute QuickBooks File Doctor, earlier referred as QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool, to fix the problem.


What Results in a Company File Connection Error in QuickBooks? 

In addition to the firewall software enforcing network security and limiting QuickBooks Desktop services, the web server the company files is occasionally to blame for the connection issue in QuickBooks. The following are a few of the typical causes of company file connection error in QuickBooks. 

  • The error occurs when the server configuration is flawed or if there are connectivity problems between the server and other network workstations. 
  • If Database Server Mangers is not functioning on the workstation, QuickBooks will encounter these kinds of connectivity issues when attempting to connect to the company file. 
  • In addition to causing company file connection difficulties, an outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop can also result in printing errors, payroll failures, banking errors, as well as update errors. 
  • Due to incorrect folder permissions, the company file folder does not share the company file. 
  • incorrect hosting configurations on workstation and/or server computers. 
  • Your computer’s QBDBMgrN service is not operating in the background.


Methods To Fix Company File Connection Error in QuickBooks

Solution 1: Employ the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool 

  • Download QB file doctor first, then get it ready to install. 
  • Then, install using this tool on your computer. 
  • In the event that the QuickBooks File Doctor tool seems unable to fix this problem or if the error still exists after using the file doctor tool, proceed to Solution 2


Solution 2: Examine Your Network Settings Manually 

Method 1: Upgrade QuickBooks to the Most Recent Version 

  • You must first update QuickBooks to the most recent version that has been made available. 

Method 2: Set up Windows and an External Firewall

  • Please take note that Intuit does not offer help for firewall or antivirus software. You might require assistance from the service provider with the installation and configuration of your application. 
Step 1: Select QuickBooks Setup


  • Make sure the QB application is first installed on your System. It supports opening the company file and has the most recent QuickBooks update
  • After that, log into your QuickBooks account with administrator privileges. 
  • This allows the Axis to reach the QuickBooks company files and will be promoted by users of QuickBooks. 
  • Please launch Axis as Administrator if QuickBooks is running in elevated mode (shield on the desktop icon) or is running as Administrator. 
  • Verify that your system satisfies the minimal requirements before using Zed Axis System Prerequisites. 
Step 2: Quickly Update the QuickBooks Interface Files 
  • If you are attempting to establish a connection with QuickBooks but are having trouble doing so. It is missing, brought on by file corruption, or not supported by the QuickBooks interface. 
  • You must refresh it by taking the actions listed below, as seen here: 
  • Take as many safe backups of the company data file as you can. 
  • Then, locate the Reboot.bat file (it was located in C:Program FilesIntuitQB). 
  • Run a program as the administrator or do a right-click. 
  • Restart your computer, and then try to link the two systems.


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