QuickBooks OL-334 is basically a banking error that is seen when there is an issue with the banking setup and there is a connection error. It is seen when there is a poor network connection. Such an error is also seen when there is an issue with the financial institution. There can be a bunch of factors triggering such an error, which we have tried to elaborate later in this post along with the set of steps to fix the issue. To know more, make sure to read this post till the end. Or connect with us at 1-888-351-0999 and we will provide you with instant support services.

What causes QuickBooks error code OL-334?

The below stated factors can trigger such an error in QuickBooks:

  • Make sure that the QuickBooks desktop is updated to the latest release.
  • Contact the bank to verify the account information and that the bank is not experiencing any outages at that moment
  • Re-check if there is an active internet connection. In case already connected, then verify the firewall and internet security settings to continue.
  • You will have to confirm that you are using a supported version of QuickBooks and internet explorer.

Steps to eliminate the fixes

The user can try to fix the error by creating a new account and merging accounts. The steps to be performed here are as follows:

  • The user needs to first right click and click on the edit account option
  • After that highlight the account name and also click on copy
  • The next step is to enter an asterisk at the end of the account name
  • And then, click on the bank feed settings and also click on deactivate all online services tab
  • Now, click on save and close
  • And also click on chart of accounts to create a new account
  • Also, close and reopen the company file and click on chart of accounts and select edit account
  • The next step is to remove the asterisk and also right click the account to select and click on save and close
  • After that click on yes and also set up an account for bank feeds
  • The last step is to download transactions to the newly merged account

By the end of this post, we hope that the information shared in above might be of some help in getting rid of the QuickBooks error code OL=334. However, if you are unable to eliminate this issue even after performing the steps listed above, then in that case connect with our QuickBooks support team at 1-888-351-0999 and we will provide you with immediate support services. We are a team of certified QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock in providing immediate support and assistance.