When you try to print or scan something on an HP printer, an error message labelled “Hp 10.1000 Supply Memory Error” appears. This problem frequently happens when the toner cartridge’s metal contacts or chip do not create a secure connection to the matching connections inside the printer. When the printer is unable to recognise the inserted toner cartridge, the error message “Supply Memory Error” appears. This vexing condition may be too much for someone who needs prints right now. As a result, dialling the HP Support Number right away is strongly encouraged because top tech specialists are available there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More extensive information can be found here. As a result, have a short look at this website!

What Causes the HP Printer Supply Memory Error?

The following are some of the possible causes of the HP Printer Supply Memory Error problem:

  • This error is caused by a missing package, a paper jam, or difficulty removing the protective strips.
  • This problem can also occur if the toner cartridge is not properly linked to the printer’s pressed metal contacts.
  • The toner could not be placed properly due to fractured plastic pieces.
  • as a result of the usage of out-of-date printer firmware or software
  • This issue may also occur if you use a new toner cartridge rather than an empty one.

How to Resolve the HP 10.1000 Supply Memory Error

To get your printer operating again, use the following fix:

1. Misplaced packaging or protective strips

There are plastic clips and an orange protection strip for installing a brand-new toner cartridge. This safeguards the cartridge against damage during transit. All of the plastic clamps and protecting strips across the drum must be removed before installing new toner in the printer. Otherwise, you may be unable to print from these materials using your HP Printer. Clips are conspicuous because they can be simply used to market. Remove the orange ring that surrounds the protection strip on the toner’s side. There will be no difficulties displayed on the printer screen panel if you print, scan, or fax any document after doing this.

2. Metal connections that have been compressed.

To recognise an attached toner cartridge, connect two small metal connections to the appropriate contacts on the toner cartridge. Even if the contacts aren’t making contact, the metal still interacts with the printer and the contacts on the toner that have completed a circuit. Your printer will then detect the toner shortage. Remove the toner cartridge from the printer and inspect it for any things like a microchip or two metal squares. Then examine the connectors that correspond to the locations on the printer where these would be attached. If the two metal connectors appear to be pressed together at the back, carefully pry them apart to avoid damaging anything. This will allow them to connect to it properly after the toner has been loaded. Before installing a new toner, verify there are no paper jams because misplaced packing parts or paper jams could cause difficulty.

3. Plastic Broken Pieces

If one of the sides damages the toner cartridge, the plastic slots may be damaged as well. If this occurs, the toner may not be inserted into the printer’s genuine toner slots. The contacts will also not connect properly, which is similar to the previous cause of the HP 10.1000 Supply Memory Error. The only method to completely resolve this issue is to change the toner cartridge.

4. Outdated firmware and software

The company that manufactures HP printers delivers updated printer software or firmware on a regular basis. As a result, if the printer software becomes obsolete, you may encounter an HP 10.1000 Supply Memory Error. All you have to do to solve this problem is go to Google. Enter “[your printer model] firmware” to obtain the most recent firmware for your PC or printer. When the software or firmware is properly upgraded, the supply memory issue is usually resolved. The most recent firmware upgrades are available on the HP website. The insertion of a compatible or remanufactured toner cartridge with out-of-date data recorded in the cartridge’s microcontroller could be the final cause of the supply memory problem. The error notice The supply memory error message may then be shown by the printer firmware. To remedy this issue, the firm’s reman must be replaced. After that, replace it in your printer.

Hopefully! The aforementioned solutions helped to resolve the HP 10.1000 Supply Memory Error. If anyone is still having problems, please contact HP Customer Service right away for a one-stop solution. The technology team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. As a consequence, your problem will be resolved fast!

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