From hanging best metal prints, use these best practices for mounting your artwork. Here is how you should hang your metal prints:

Be aware of the print’s weight: Metal prints are generally more extensive, but whether you choose a large or mini image will determine how you mount it.

Measure before Hand: To determine the hanger’s position, measure the distance from the wire or hook up to above the artwork.

Make sure your screw is secured precisely: The screw you choose to hang your artwork should have enough length to get through the wall stud and space to allow your hanger or hook to rest comfortably on its end. It may be necessary to drill the pilot hole by using the drill.

Utilize a Level: To ensure that your art is placed correctly, Use a level to ensure that your artwork is straight. Adjust your artwork to sit precisely in the correct position.

Metal Wall Art for Indoors

If you plan to hang metal artwork outdoors, start by selecting a spot that’s not directly in sunlight. Consider the following to ensure that your metal outdoor wall art is hung correctly and shines.

  • Pick images that are captivating in dark or light lighting. Bright colors and top-quality photos are best outdoors to leave an impression on the viewer.
  • While metal prints are water-proof, ensure your photo will not be placed in an area where dirt or rain could damage the print.
  • Clean the surfaces before hanging outdoor wall d├ęcor.
  • Create the print as the central element. Harmoniously set the wall art with your furniture or other appliances to allow you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Outdoor Metal Wall Art

When you hang indoor metal wall art, taking into consideration the furniture and interior decor could be essential to get the most appealing appearance. If you want to create a calm or energetic space, consider the following factors when hanging your metal wall art indoors.

  • Ensure the size of your furniture before \you are going to hang it. The best option is to turn your artwork at eye level, allowing easy viewing.
  • Think about the space you’ll be hanging your artwork on. Select a design or image that matches the decor of your home furniture, rugs, or furniture!