When you decorate a space, you will see that there are certain elements which bind everything together and change the ambiance of a room. One such element is the window treatment. A small detail element of a window treatment can create a huge difference in an interior design. One of the best ways to create a standalone look in your home is to have custom window shades. There are diverse kinds of window shades and each of them can be given a personalized look in their own way.


Roman shades are popular window treatments and work perfectly with varied types of interior d├ęcor. One way of customizing these shades is by employing a particular type of fabric having designs or some colors. This simple customization can give an interesting look to the room. Sunny colors like yellow Roman shades can cheer up a room and also filter a certain amount of light. Thus, these custom window shades will not completely obstruct things but will add a chic look to a room.
Some people like the very look of Roman shades and do not bother about their functionality. For them, faux Roman shades will be the right choice. Faux shades have an aesthetic appeal and therefore, people should choose a blend of colors and interesting patterns that will make the window treatment the focal point of a room.


Simplicity of roller shades makes them ideal for contemporary and modern interior designs. These blinds are the right choice for kitchen and home offices. So, before selecting the blinds, think about the mood you want to set in a room or the function the window treatment will perform. An interesting way of customizing roller blinds is by matching the patterns of the blinds with the furnishing of the room. You can also makeover the existing roller shades to match current furnishing and decoration of a room.


As you know, valances are decorative elements used in combination with custom window shades. Finding the right valance for your window treatment can be a challenging task. However, you can also create versatile and casual valances with DIY technique. With the help of attractive color combinations and prints of fabric, you can create a valance by putting all the pieces together without sewing.
Besides custom window shades, there are other window treatments which can be given a personalized look. For instance, short curtains are unusual and quirky. Thus, there are simple and easy ways of creating personalized window treatments.