A hens party is a pre-wedding celebration where the bride and her close friends gather to celebrate her last night as a single woman. A hens party usually involves several activities like nights out, games, bridal showers, etc. If you have never planned a big event like this before, just know it can be a stressful and daunting task. Lucky for you, at Pecka Products, we have a wide range of hens night party products to make your bachelorette unforgettable.

Here is how you can host the perfect hens party like a pro.

Guest List

To prepare for the event, gather your crew and carefully curate the guest list for a dazzling hens night. To avoid any disappointments, request the bride to draw up the preferred guest list along with contact information. Ensure you send the invitation through email. This way, you’ll get a rough idea of how many guests there will be. An estimate of numbers is essential to figure out what hens party entertainment will be best and where to hold it.

Food And Drinks

Food doesn’t have to be a prominent item in your hens party. But you should certainly have some snacks and nibbles on offer. Mix things up a little between savory and sweet treats and try to have something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans, like chocolate-dipped fruits. This way, no one will feel left out. While food isn’t usually central to the perfect hens party, drinks certainly are. Cocktails, preferably pink ones, and mocktails are essential. Pecka Products has excellent hens party treats like pecker lollipops, chocolate willy molds, and more to make your party a little kinky.

Entertaining Activities

A bachelorette party is incomplete without some typical hens night games. These games are easy to set up and can be a lot of fun. Some of the top games and fun activities to play are classic truth or dare, hens party scavenger hunt, Mr. & Mrs. quiz, pecker ring toss game, pin the body part on the groom, baking and drinking games, etc. Let’s be honest: Would it even be a celebration without some cheeky, classy, fun, original hen-do games? If you’ve not sorted your games yet, check out the full range of hilarious games to see which suits your bride at Pecka Product.

Decorations And Accessories

When it comes to decoration and accessories for a hens party, the options are limitless. There are various themes and party supplies to choose from. You can have a laid-back hens party or go all out with cake molds, balloons, confetti, willy straws, and many more. Hens parties are once-in-a-blue-moon events, so it is best to make them special and unforgettable. It is all about having fun and making some great memories with your closest friends.

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