Are you deciding to move to Gmail from Zimbra desktop? Want to import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail without data loss? Looking for a reliable technique to achieve the required task? If yes, then no worries, go through the article discussed here which will provide a solution with the help of which users can import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail with emails and attachments accurately. But, at first, let us understand the reasons behind the migration of Zimbra to Gmail.

Zimbra or ZCS is a collaborative software which offers three different services to users i.e. Zimbra Web Client, Zimbra Email Server, and Zimbra Desktop. They all are rich in features and help users in managing the user’s data effectively. Zimbra Web client supports email and group calendars as well as document sharing with chat and videoconferencing. Zimbra Server, on the other hand, make use of several open-source projects that exposes SOAP Application Programming Interface to all its functionality and also supports IMAP and POP3. However, Zimbra Desktop is now discontinued but it was a full-featured desktop-based email client. There were many organizations with small-scale projects have used the email application to manage day-to-day emails. Moreover, Zimbra has the ability to synchronize mails, contacts, and calendars with open-source email platforms such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Evolution and also with proprietary clients such as Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook.

Gmail is just like Zimbra Desktop. The only difference between them is that Gmail is web-based and Zimbra desktop is desktop-supported. In other words, Zimbra needs installation whereas Gmail is accessible via web-browser. It is another popular webmail server that is used by more than half of the millions of population. Every year it gets updated with new features and makes sure to add the same as per current user’s requirements.

Why to Import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail?

Undoubtedly, Zimbra has numerous beneficial aspects but still with time users need to enhance their environment due to which they have to change the email platform. However, Zimbra is basically developed to cater the requirements of small-size businesses. So, if a business is moving from small to medium or large, one need to think about changing the email platform as well. And, nowadays many users are preferring Gmail due to its advanced customization features and storage space. Let’s discuss some of its ultimate features:

  • Gmail is easy to use and can be accessed from any device on any platform any time.
  • Provides 25GB of storage for businesses so that companies can store their plenty of essential messages including large files.
  • Google Hangout and Google Meet will help users to connect globally in real time.
  • Equipped with organization capabilities which help users to effectively manage their emails.
  • Offers multiple security options to safeguard users account.

How to Import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail?

There are many users who want to import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail with proper emails and attachments. The process can be achieved with the help of CubexSoft Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool. The advanced and reliable solution is built-up with an easy GUI that can be utilized by all types of professional and non-professional users. Anyone can operate the tool and implement the required task. Even, the operational steps are limited. Users need to simply add the required TGZ files on the system, then choose Gmail from the Select Saving Options property, provide the credentials, and click on Convert. The tool will quickly start the process and successfully import all TGZ files to Gmail with accurate emails and attachments.

Moreover, the application offers numerous features with the help of which users can migrate TGZ to Gmail as per their requirements. However, the free demo is also available with the help of which users can check the process to import Zimbra to Gmail.

Working Steps to Import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail

Step 1. Download and run Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool on Windows. Choose the first option and hit Next.

home screen

Step 2. Go to Add File(s) property. Click on the required button to add necessary TGZ files/folders/extracted TGZ items.

select email source

Step 3. The selected TGZ files will start to appear on the tool. You can choose the necessary mailbox whose data you want to view in Preview section.

select email source

Step 4. Go to Export and choose Gmail from Select Saving Options.

Step 5. Add Gmail credentials i.e. Email ID and App Password. You can also set categories and filters as per your requirements. And then, click Connect.

gmail options

Step 6. The process will go live and the tool will show the live progress of TGZ files migration.

Step 7. The task will end by displaying “Conversion Completed Successfully” message. Click OK and go to Gmail account to check the resultant files.

select email source

However, users will see that the resultant TGZ file data is accurate and appearing with correct formatting properties.

Why CubexSoft Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool is Preferable Option?

There are lot of users who wants safe and secure migration of their TGZ files. And, so Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool is a suitable solution for them. Some of its highlights are discussed below-

  • Software directly import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail with emails and attachments.
  • Simple GUI and easy-to-manage environment is easily accessible by all technical and novice users.
  • Preserves the original TGZ file data during the process.
  • Protects Gmail account details by asking to specify App Password of Gmail account instead of the main password.
  • Keeps the formatting properties of TGZ emails intact throughout migration.
  • Provides three options i.e. Add TGZ Files/Folders/Extracted TGZ items to add TGZ mailboxes on the software for migration.
  • Equipped with Preview section with the help of which users can view TGZ file data during the process.
  • Able to import Zimbra TGZ to Gmail on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, etc.


The above mentioned article has discussed a procedure to import TGZ to Gmail directly with emails and attachments. The CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is easy, safe, and proficient. Anyone can take help of the tool and implement the required task. Moreover, the utility possesses many amazing benefits with the help of which users can perform the required task. However, the free demo is also available with the help of which users can check the migration for free and allows to import first 25 files from each TGZ folder to Gmail free of cost.