The rapid growth of mobile gaming in recent years cannot be described in words. Mobile gaming has brought about a new breed of gamer. It has changed the way we play games. The days when games were separate from our daily lives are gone. Gaming has become so addictive that we sometimes forget about our daily tasks and just keep playing. Microtransactions have dramatically increased the revenue and size of mobile gaming apps.

The Best Ways to Increase  Mobile Game App Traffic

Add special events

Are you looking to draw new users? You can attract new users by adding a special event. This is a limited-time offer that offers free play, extra coins and unique challenges. Skill-based games, for example, offer unique challenges that players can complete to earn coins and other features. Special events can increase engagement and downloads.

Keep the game challenging, but not too difficult

The best games are both challenging and not frustrating. They challenge you but they don’t make you feel like you can’t beat them. How can you ensure that your game is challenging but not too difficult that players stop playing it?

It all boils down to how you design your game. Imagine a game without a skip feature. The only way to progress in a level is by winning it. Users are frustrated by this. This makes it more difficult for users. Instead, the owner could place an ad that says “If you watch a fifteen-second ad, you can skip to this level.” The owner gets his revenue and the user is satisfied.

Make a Cross-Platform Social Media Campaign

Promote gaming apps on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. These platforms are ideal for promoting gaming apps to a wide audience. These ads do not include standard boosted ads, or Pay-Per Click ads. This is about using influencers to create a multi-platform social media campaign. The goal is to increase brand awareness and downloads.

Get in touch with the popular influencers

Suppose, a mobile gaming company, develops a popular mobile game that is based on a TV series. The game allows players to play with all the energy and excitement that comes from their favorite television series.

Because the game already has a strong connection, partnering with influencers will be a natural promotion strategy. You will gain a lot of followers by partnering with the most influential influencers.

Integrate Rewarded Ads

Mobile Game Developers have found that some users are unwilling to pay, especially in the Mobile gaming app market. Users can opt for In-App Purchases payments by watching a reward ad. These ads offer a way to get a small reward, such as coins, or extra lives. Rewarded ads increase engagement.

App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the core of Search Engine Optimization for Google Play or App Store. App description is a key element in mobile app marketing. Half of iPhone users find apps via search.

Create a landing page for your App

To increase user acquisition and engagement, App owners must create a mobile app landing page that is attractive. Graphics and UI are the most prominent aspects of a gaming app. Great graphics are attractive and a better user experience is possible with better UI. Poor landing pages can cause users to leave the site, which could lead to a decrease in revenue growth.


Revenue growth is directly proportional with increased traffic to mobile gaming apps. Traffic increases with more users, which leads to greater revenue growth. Owners should stop placing interstitial ads and instead try the above-explained methods to increase revenue. Glownight Games is the best mobile game development company for you if mobile games are your passion.

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