As a bar owner, the success of your establishment depends on how satisfied your customers are with your service. They will talk about it with their friends and family only if they have a good time at your place—this will help you get more customers through those doors. However, a lot of bar owners get complacent about their service, which could end up with customers leaving bad reviews on Yelp or under Google My Business profiles.

This can mean bad news for bars that rely heavily on word of mouth and positive reviews. If you are a bar owner in Los Angeles and want to keep your bar customers happy and keep coming back for more, then this post is for you. Learn about some ways that can help.

Work on Creating a Unique Experience

To deliver an unforgettable experience, you need to understand what customers think about your bar. You can start this by asking regular customers for some feedback. Ask them what they like about your establishment and how it could improve further. Some might point to the menu not being that great, which could lead to you adding new things to the menu that would make them happy.

This will result in a better customer experience, which in turn means more repeat business and better customer loyalty. Don’t be afraid of getting feedback and even incentivize it by offering discounts on their favorite drinks if they were to fill out the form.


Train Your Staff

Make sure that you have staff that is well trained—it is especially important to have experienced and polite bartenders who can get the job done. If the bartenders don’t know how to execute customer orders, you might lose some customers. Moreover, if a customer has a bad experience with any member of the staff, such as waiters, the odds of them returning go down dramatically.

Try to incentivize the staff by offering greater rewards if you see a reduction in complaints about the service. Train your staff to be as hospitable as possible, as good interaction can go a long way in building the perception of your brand and making them keep coming back for more.

Get a Commercial Ice Machine

If your drinks are not chilled, your customers won’t particularly enjoy drinking them. This is why you must get a commercial ice machine that can produce a variety of ice that elevates the appearance of the drinks and keeps them chilled. This will also help you serve more customers faster, which will help to improve the overall bottom line of your business.

If you don’t have the budget, you can simply rent it from a factory-authorized dealer. These packages will help you scale according to demand as well as be at a fraction of the cost. They also tend to include maintenance from the company itself. This means the company’s technicians will be responsible for the repair of the machine in the event of a breakdown.

Keep Your Bar Clean and Tidy at All Times

Customers don’t like to wine and dine in an unclean environment,as it could put their health at risk. While lockdowns have eased, the threat from the Coronavirus is far from over. Have a routine in place where the premises are cleaned regularly. Make sure you clean up and do routine maintenance tasks such as changing the taps or cleaning the toilets. Not only will customers be comfortable when they visit your establishment, but it will also have a positive effect on your staff who will be more motivated to work in a clean and hygienic space.

Create a Great Environment

The main reason why people visit bars is to have a good time while drinking their favorite drink. To get more people through the door, show sports events like boxing matches or NFL games on television. This will help create an environment for people to want to visit your bar or restaurant and enjoy a good game while sipping on their favorite beverage.

You also need to invest in a good digital marketing campaign to get the word out about your bar in the area. If you haven’t made a Google listing yet,it’s time that you do so. This will help people in your area find your bar more easily and leave some reviews.

Offering Discounts on Future Visits

To improve customer loyalty, you can introduce discount schemes for returning customers. You could even offer them special food items or deals for customers who arrive early or stay late for events such as happy hours or tournaments. This will make your customers feel valued and appreciated when they visit your bar.



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About the Author

James P. is a bar owner in Los Angeles who has been running a successful bar for over three years. Previously he used to be a bartender who saved up to start his own bar. In his free time, he likes to talk about how other bar owners can boost their bottom line and improve overall customer satisfaction.