As per the latest reports, Winnipeg has a crime index of 59.10 and a safety index of 40.9. Both the level of crime and the rate of crime in the last three years are reportedly high.

In that vein, people are more concerned about home security and the safety of their loved ones. Luckily, the security and lock industry has evolved to offer efficient, easy-to-use, and automated solutions.

If you’re looking to improve your home security, now you have a plethora of options to choose from. Here’s everything you should know about smart lock technology. To find WiFi keypad deadbolts and smart locks in Winnipeg, contact Lockmish Locksmith Services.

Home Automation: Explained

Home automation refers to devices used to share information and follow users’ commands. Automated devices are easy to use once you set up the whole system. It allows you to control various elements of home security with just a few taps!

What’s more? It also saves on electricity bills. There are many perks associated with smart locks and home automation technology, and it’s a great investment if you’re looking to improve the security of your house and your and your family’s living standard.

What Does Smart Lock Technology Entail?

When you think of home security, you may only think of deadbolts or padlocks, but there’s more to it. Smart locks have replaced these conventional locking systems to maximize safety and security. That said, it also makes entrance more accessible for those authorized.

Smart lock technology allows users to unlock and lock any door with the help of the following:

  • Keypad with raised buttons or touchscreen
  • Mobile application
  • Biometric data such as fingerprints
  • Voice command
  • Automation where the door opens when it detects you have arrived at the door using your location via smartphone

Smart lock technology can be part of a whole home security system or purchased separately.

A woman scanning her fingerprint

How Does Smart Lock Technology Ensure Safety?

Smart lock technology prevents break-ins, burglaries and robberies while increasing safety. Here’s what you can expect from your smart lock system:

Eliminates Physical Keys

With smart locks, you don’t need to carry physical keys or have to constantly worry about losing your keys altogether. Instead, you can use your voice to unlock the lock. You can also automate the locks, so they open and close on their own.

Similarly, you can enter a four-digit key or use your smartphone, fingerprints or face ID to unlock and lock the door.

Change Codes

If you use mobile-based smart lock technology, you can change entry codes and delete or edit them on your own. This is much better than changing keys and locks every time there’s a security risk and spending on new locks.

Unique Passcode

Smart lock technology also allows you to determine who can have access to your home. You can give a unique entry code to frequent visitors such as delivery people, family, caregivers and friends.

Receive Notifications

Unlike conventional locks, you get notified every time someone enters or exits your home. That also includes time and date. Additionally, you get these notifications on your smartphone.

Remote Access

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of using smart lock technology is its remote accessibility. You can lock or unlock the door remotely using the mobile app. This means you can give access to someone even when you’re not home.

Schedule Time

You can also set up a time for the doors to unlock or lock at any time of the day or night. It can also be linked with other parts of your home automation. For instance, your doors will lock when the smart lighting is activated at night. It’s one of the ways to improve your home’s security.

Pair with Devices

You can pair your smart lock technology with other smart devices to improve automation and security.

For instance, you can receive notifications when someone rings the smart doorbell. You can give the visitor a unique passcode verbally so they can unlock the door. Alternatively, you can pair it with a smart speaker to use voice commands to open the door.

Wifi Lockbox

Types of Smart Locks You Can Consider For Your Winnipeg Home

Since home security is a primary concern, you should use the latest technology to secure your property, belongings and loved ones. Smart locks are ideal for that purpose because they have multiple features, as mentioned above.

You’ll find a plethora of smart locks readily available in the market. Each offers unique benefits and features. Smart locks can be mechanical or electronic and further categorized into biometric, keyless, and connected locks.

WiFi Keypad Deadbolt

WiFi keypad deadbolts are one of the safest and most convenient smart locks. Unlike conventional deadlocks that can be picked easily, these locks offer remote access and can be integrated with other smart devices. You also don’t need a key to unlock it.

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WiFi keypad deadbolt

Biometric Locks

These fingerprint locks are another ideal type of smart lock that offers maximum control and security. Biometric locks are difficult to tamper with, and the door only locks or unlocks with fingerprints. Additionally, biometric locks are also cost-effective and create a great impression for residential apartments and commercial buildings.

Keyless Entry Locks

Though they’re similar to WiFi keypad deadbolts, these don’t work remotely. That said, they’re highly secure and difficult to hack. Keyless entry locks are reliable and easily installed.

Smart Lock Integration With Security Systems

Smart locks are a key part of modern security systems due to their enhanced protocols, maximum control and convenience for businesses and homeowners alike. You can integrate them with other security systems for an added layer of security. This way, you can manage all devices efficiently.

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