Orthodontists are basically dentists who have the extra education to qualify them to specialize in the nonsurgical alignment of teeth and jaws. They work on such conditions as malocclusions or bad bites. They can help children, teenagers, and adults with overbites, underbites, or overcrowded mouths. They use wires, retainers, and braces that, these days at Invisalign Beaverton, are hard to see.

Healthy Teeth Last Longer and Help You Remain Healthy as You Age

By helping to straighten your teeth and retrain your bite so it’s straight, your orthodontist not only makes your teeth and smile look a lot better, they help you keep those teeth. Straighter, aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy. Clean teeth remain strong and healthy, resisting cavities and gum disease. Consequently, they remain with you in your mouth as you age. You can continue to eat the foods you enjoy without worry. Because you can chew your food, you digest your meals better and absorb more nutrition from what you’re eating. This is important for maintaining your overall health and strength.

People whose bodies get adequate nutrition from optimal quantities of food are not as likely to overeat and risk obesity. They avoid malnutrition. And researchers are even learning there’s a strong correlation between tooth and gum disease and the risk of a heart attack.

Everybody Can Benefit from a More Attractive Smile from a Beaverton Orthodontist

Nobody can change their basic face, but they can maximize their natural beauty. Part of that is having an attractive smile. This is important for getting along with other people, both at school and on the job. Having straight, aligned teeth improves everybody’s self-esteem and therefore their self-confidence, which can improve their chances for success.

Some People Have Functional Issues That Require Invisalign Beaverton

If your teeth and jaw are bad enough, that’s making life harder for you than it has to be. Do you have to breathe through the mouth? Do your jaws make sounds or are they recessed? Do you have trouble speaking? Do you bite your cheeks or the roof of your mouth? Do your teeth meet abnormally or not at all? Do you grind or clench your teeth? Are you unable to naturally close your lips? Is one side of your face out of balance or alignment with the other half? Do you have teeth that are protruding?

The Right Orthodontist is Up to Date With the Equipment

Orthodontists have a lot of treatment options that didn’t exist years ago when teenagers hated to go to school with mouths full of metal or wearing obvious retainers. With clear aligners from Invisalign, people cannot even tell you are getting your teeth straightened by a Beaverton orthodontist.

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