The noteworthy thing; in comparison to the other FAANG companies, Apple stands tall as the company with the biggest market cap! 

Known to offer lucrative packages to its software engineers, the giant attracts talents from across the world. However, cracking the coding interview of Apple is not as easy as walking in a park. 

The main reason behind the tough technical interview is that the company judges candidates on various capabilities. With its rigorous procedure, the company evaluates technical, coding and other skills of the candidates. 

Cracking the Apple interview questions is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though, with the right mentoring and aligned preparation strategy, you can easily crack the coding interview at the infamous apple. 

You don’t need to browse here and there when it comes to right interview preparation, when you are getting everything at one place. 

Read this guide and fill your knowledge bank with the right information!

Apple Interview Process 

Get a sneak peek into the Apple interview process to better start your preparation! 

The fundamental aim of the Apple interview process is to test the coding abilities of a candidate. The on-site round of the company generally consists of three to four rounds. The main round of a coding interview are:

  • Coding Round: In a timed assessment, you will get one coding question which you have to solve in a given time frame. Here, the questions related to data structures and algorithms are asked. You have to find the most optimal solutions for the problems. 
  • System Design Round: This round involves designing of the arbitrary system. Here the questions related to hows and why of system design are being asked
  • Behavioral Interview: The behavioral interview is a vital step of Apple interview rounds. The questions related to workplace situations are being asked from the candidates. 

What does the company look for in the engineers?

Before starting preparation for Apple interview questions, you need to understand what the expectations of the company are from you. From the perspective of an employer you need to be well-versed in problem-solving skills, coding, technical skills, leadership skills and much more. 

  • You should be good at data structures and algorithms 
  • You should have a strong hold on the programming languages
  • You should be well-versed with the software solutions
  • You should have prowess to develop system designs 
  • You should know how to handle difficult situations
  • You should have the right attitude to tackle any situation 

Preparing for Apple Coding Interviews 

Apple coding interviews are surely an uphill task. Regardless of what position you are applying for in the company, you should keep certain interview preparation strategies in mind to pass the interview with the flying colors. 

Know about the concepts 

Before even starting for the preparation of your Apple coding interview, you should know about the much-asked concepts in the interview. Only then you will be able to better align yourself with the interview preparation. 

The most important topic that is asked in the coding interviews at Apple are data structure and algorithms. Though, the programming questions on arrays, strings, linked lists, recursion, trees and graphs are asked from the potential candidates. 

Jot down all these topics which you need to revise for your coding interviews. After that, prepare a plan on the basis of time left for the final interview. Then align your interview schedule with the plan you have made. 

Make a stronghold on the system design topic 

System design is an essential topic that is being asked in the Apple coding interviews. This topic forms a key topic in the programmers interview. The concepts on distributed systems like object modeling, network protocols, shading techniques, web servers, API and concurrency are being asked. You can’t leave the risk of escaping this topic when it comes to your coding interview preparation 

Clear your computer and programming skills 

Besides data structures, programming questions or arrays, the other essential topics that are being asked in Apple coding interviews are computer fundamentals and programming languages. 

Some interviewers do have the habit of asking questions related to computer topics and the questions on certain programming languages. Though, programming languages are a wide concept and it is not easy to cover all the languages at one go. 

You can pick the language of your choice and start preparing for it. Learn all the basic fundamentals related to it, write codes and syntaxes in it. In this way you can better impress the interviewer. 

Behavioral Interview questions 

As the behavioral interviews form an important part of your Apple selection procedure, you should not leave these questions. The behavioral questions are basically helpful to judge candidates on how they react in a particular situation. 

These questions may include relationships with the coworkers, challenging past projects, deal with clients and questions on work-life balance. 

Practice Solving Problem Everyday 

Problem-solving abilities are considered as the center of your coding interviews. Developing problem-solving skills may require erroneous hours of hardwork and patience. You can solve difficult problems with ease  if you practice everyday. 

Ideally you should solve at least one to two coding problems on a daily basis. This will help improve your coding skills. Before doing that you will stumble before trying for the optimal solutions. When you do regular practice it will improve your ability to develop the multiple solution approach for every problem. 

Practice Mock Tests 

You can’t deny the benefits that the mock tests have to offer to you. These tests are the replicas of your actual tests as they will only include Apple interview questions asked. 

When you answer these questions, you will realise the areas where you are lacking. Moreover, it gives a push to your preparation as you will analyse your mistakes and will improve your time management skills. 

Wrapping up 

Apple is a company who is on the dream list of so many aspirants! 

Cracking Apple interview questions is not as easy as it seems. Though, with the help of ideal preparation and best proven strategies you can ace the interview with flying colors.