The RRB NTPC tests will soon be here. Therefore, the finest practice for your general awareness exam for RRB NPTC is provided here. The RRB NTPC Exam is a yearly examination for a variety of positions in the railroad industry. The test is administered online and consists of multiple-choice questions from many subject areas.

Phases CBT 1 and CBT 2 make up the RRB NTPC test. A total of 35208 roles, including Station Master, Ticket Clerk, Goods Guard, Junior Clerk, Train Clerk, Jr Accountant, Typist, and others, are being opened by RRB NTPC.

General Awareness Syllabus

The general awareness section is where NTPC candidates can score higher. In comparison to other sections, the questions in this one are moderately challenging. To ace the General Awareness part, candidates must, however, be up to date on the day’s news and current affairs.

The RRB NTPC test’s General Awareness section carries the most weight. In the initial CBT stage, the first part of this section carries 40 marks. In a similar vein, the second component of the CBT’s second stage will have 50 marks. As a result, candidates must thoroughly prepare for this General Awareness exam (GA).

  • Art and Culture of India,
  • Current Events of National and International Importance (Current Affairs),
  • Games and Sports,
  • Indian Literature, Monuments and Places of India,
  • General Science and Life Science (up to 10th CBSE),
  • History of India and Freedom Struggle,
  • Physical, Social and Economic Geography of India and the World,
  • Indian Polity and Governance- constitution and political system,
  • General Scientific and Technological Developments, including the Space and Nuclear Program of India,
  • UN and Other important World Organizations,
  • Environmental Issues Concerning India and World at Large,
  • Basics of Computers and Computer Applications, Common Abbreviations,
  • Transport Systems in India,
  • Indian Economy,
  • Famous Personalities of India and the World,
  • Flagship Government Programs,
  • Flora and Fauna of India,

An important subject for public awareness

The following issues for general understanding are listed in brief:


This section discusses numerous dance and song genres, celebrations, regional cultures, languages, and morals. Relevance rises if a state has recently made headlines.

Recent Developments and Global Current Affairs

Information on nuclear power plants, power plants, advancements in the space program, and technologies created by various institutions like the IITs and DRDO will all be covered in this part.

India’s most recent developments and current affairs

This section would cover world history, ancient, medieval, and modern history as well as essential constitutional principles. Analyze the NCERT or another important reference work.

India and the World Geography

The physical features of India are the subject of its physical geography. Human communities are the focus of social geography, whereas the geographic diversity of human economic activity is the focus of economic geography.

India and the Global Economy

The global economy, Indian economy, GDP, liberalization, privatisation, globalization, and population per capita would all be included in this section. Examine the NCERT, a key reference work, and a textbook on economics for students in grades 10–12.


This could include both historical data and current occurrences. Important competitions, victors, and other events from the past or present might be important to the test.

Government and Politics

Students learn about the essential ideas and important facets of politics and governance from a historical and institutional perspective through this study.

Research and Development

One must consult the NCERT science books for classes 6 through 10 of all three divisions of the science branches—physics, biology, and chemistry—for this section. It is best to read through this science part and notes the summary completely.

Authors and Books

For better references, you might gradually explore this section or go to PW’s official page.

Locations and People

It will cover both well-known individuals who have garnered media attention and other individuals who have significantly advanced a given field.

fauna and flora

This section offers information on parks, ecological preserves, and wildlife sanctuaries that can be historical or up-to-date.

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Guidelines for general awareness preparation NTR NTPC

Practice daily tests and QNAs based on general knowledge.

While playing video games in our free time, we frequently forget that they have no impact on our environment or even our own selves. If we aren’t getting anything out of the practice, we must stop it. There are various alternatives available to assist a candidate in ending this behavior. Instead, to make it a fun hobby, consider practicing quiz questions and competing against people who have similar interests. Create a difficult task topic and make an effort to hold a discussion about it.

GK Exam Website

There are many websites where you can prepare for GK, You can visit the GK Exam website for the GK preparation, here on this website you can prepare GK Question Answers, bihar gk in Hindi, Rajasthan GK in Hindi, Rajasthan GK in Hindi and all GK questions.

Understand your syllabus

Candidates must possess a solid foundation in subjects including history, geography, economics, and basic science. By reading books and magazines and using online resources, they can better comprehend these subjects.

Pick up last year’s newspaper.

Every candidate should first review the papers to have a sense of the difficulty level and types of questions that will be asked in the test. They are called Papers from Previous Years for NTPC Preparation.

You can get ready for the NTPC exam and achieve the outcomes you want by reviewing previous years’ papers. If you are given the same question in your exam, you will also be at an advantage.

Try to take as many practice exams as you can

No level of preparation is complete without self-evaluation. Mock tests allow you to practice, and result analysis reveals your strengths and deficiencies. To evaluate your performance, try completing sectoral GK examinations and comprehensive mock exams. Try to improve your score and the amount of time you spend on the general awareness section with each practice session. You can accomplish a goal by consistently improving your speed and daily score on simulated tests.

Revise many times.

Consistency and practice are the two most important factors in success in this section. You can ace the GA section and improve your exam performance if you frequently study for it. Make a daily schedule or time chart and allot at least one hour per day to the GA section of it.

Read the news.

The greatest method to stay current on happenings is to read the newspaper frequently. It is best to routinely monitor the most recent information, even though you can consult a variety of newspapers or weekly magazines, download Twitter, or use other news and current affairs-related programs on your phone.

Prepare daily current affairs so you have a summary of the most important news of the day. Here, you can support daily assessments to make sure you have a good general awareness plan.

YouTube browsing

While many students opt to participate in coaching programs, others cannot. Additionally, some students favor independent study over attending institutions. These children can benefit from using publicly accessible digital resources and recorded films.

The best location to find such video content is YouTube. For NTPC aspirants’ preparation, many YouTube channels offer free information. These Youtube channels showcase prominent professors and educators who freely provide their knowledge.

The top and most popular YouTube channel for RRB NTPC general awareness preparation is Physics Wallah.

Notes Making

Make notes for yourself about all you read and learn. You can learn from static GK notes and make your own notes for all the pertinent information. Making self-notes helps you remember knowledge quickly, and since the static portion won’t change, you may also refer to these notes afterward.

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