The kitchen is one of the spaces in which we spend the most time and for this reason we usually think about how to renovate or remodel it. The key is to know what type of change you are looking for, so you will be clear about what modifications must be made and what materials you will need.

Whether it is a simple but significant color change, or a total remodel, we share with you the 7 elements that you should consider when planning changes in your kitchen.


1. Consider your budget.

When we see ideas on the internet of how we can Kitchen Remodel, very big changes can be very expensive, but don’t be discouraged; those images can serve as inspiration to get an alternative and cheaper renovation.

2. Be practical.

Every remodeling project must take into account not only aesthetics, but practicality. In the case of the kitchen, this takes on more value because, above all, it is a space with a specific function: cooking. This advice will also be useful when changing or buying your appliances. An oven with multiple functions may look amazing, but will it really work for you? Does it fit in the space you have? If you don’t like the current distribution of your kitchen, but you want to make a change, perhaps it is enough to change the paint on your walls or cupboard.


3. Choose the ideal paint for your kitchen

Whether it is a simple renovation or a major remodeling, the change of colors in your kitchen is one of the aspects that causes the greatest joy, but before the tones, you must choose the ideal paint for your kitchen , since it is a space with different needs. to the other interiors of your house.

The kitchen, being the laboratory where the meals enjoyed by family and friends are created, is exposed to vapors and ingredients that can stain the walls, for this reason you need a paint that is resistant to humidity, easy to wash and with maximum anticorrosive durability. At PRISA® we have COLOREX BASE AGUA®, enamel with maximum covering power, resistant to humidity and anti-fungal protection.

4. Choose the best colors for the kitchen

The best colors for the kitchen, which never fail, are white and neutral colors such as beige or gray. These will help you if your Kitchen Remodel is small and needs lighting, a key factor for these spaces, because who likes to cook in a dark place? Meanwhile, if your kitchen is large and has a wide entrance of light, warm and bright tones such as yellows, reds, oranges can build a space with incredible energy. We recommend that the type of paint you choose is glossy, since in matt or satin the stains may be more noticeable.


5. Prioritize windows

Windows are essential in the kitchen, in addition to providing light, they prevent odors or vapors from concentrating too much. So, in case you are planning a big remodel, keep in mind a new window, or enlarge the existing one.


6. Add originality to your space with certain materials

If you are going to carry out a remodeling, and you have the necessary space, you can add unusual elements that will give your space a very interesting personality. For example, you can build a bar or island in the middle of the kitchen, or add pendant lamps with modern designs. Details like these give a lot of distinction.


7. Lean on the experts.

Analyze what jobs you can do with your own hand, and which ones you will need professionals for, since those remodeling that are dangerous or that require specialized labor will increase the budget of your project.

Also, take advice from people who have carried out previous remodeling, people with experience have the best advice to acquire cheaper material, the best type of vinyl paint , how to optimize time, and even do the work on your own. If you don’t know someone, don’t worry, when shopping for basic materials you can ask and receive advice, just make sure it’s a store with trained personnel to provide you with the necessary information.

For example, in our PRISA® stores, the consultants know in detail the best practices for painting, as well as for the necessary maintenance of any space in your home, since our main objective is to help you carry out your projects.