Moving allows you to have a fresh start in life. Naturally, people like to get rid of their old valuables to make space for new items in their new homes. While this decluttering process is mostly easy, it can get challenging for expensive items like furniture. Many people rent the best storage unit in Alexandria to store all their old furniture because they can’t find a way to get rid of them. While keeping unused items in storage is a great idea, it’s not practical if you don’t intend to use those things ever again.

Thus, to help those owners struggling to swap out their furniture, today’s post presents a brief guide on donating, repurposing and discarding old furniture.

So, keep reading and save money on your storage space!

How To Repurpose And Discard Old Furniture- Alexandria Storage Unit!

A lot of times, it can be challenging to determine if you even want to get rid of your aged furniture. It can be due to memories associated with that particular item or its cost. In that case, it makes sense to rent a short-term storage unit to keep all your belongings while you make up your mind.

However, if you are determined to get rid of your old possessions, it’s time for you to make a plan and take action.

Follow these tips to help you get started:

How can you repurpose the furniture?

Refinishing your old furniture can instantly give it a glow-up. It can help you get more money if you intend to sell it. Or you can donate it to help someone out. Here are a few tips for refinishing and reupholstering old items

1. Use sandpaper to remove the dull surface from your wooden bookcase, cabinet or chest.

2. Repaint the sanded furniture to add more character to it.

3. Replace the old handles, knobs and footholds with new ones to add a pop.

4. Swap out the damaged upholstery with modern and colourful new upholstery.

5. Use paint or wax to get rid of stains.

Once you have remodelled the items, you may keep a few pieces. And for that, you can use a storage unit in Alexandria.

How to donate or sell used furniture?

Donating is a noble way to get rid of furniture or other items. It will help you downsize for the move and save money on transport and storage services. However, before donating your items, ensure they are in proper condition.

Here are a few tips to help you donate or sell the items:

1. There are lots of websites that allow you to sell second-hand pieces, such as Craigslist. Pick a renowned and genuine platform and confirm people can see your listings and contact information. Once you find someone suitable, you can deliver the furniture or ask them to collect it from your home.

2. Many local stores also take used furniture for charities and non-profit organisations. Again, make sure you pick a legit business.

3. Another option is organising a yard sale or offering. Create a “pick up what you like” sign to let your neighbours know about the donation.

4. You can use the word-of-mouth tactic to promote the sales of your old furniture. Simply, ask your neighbours, friends and family to help you find a charity or local organisation.

5. Also, you can use your social media channels to promote sales or donations and reach a larger audience.

If selling is not the best option for you, you can use the old furniture as outdoor seats or exchange them for new furniture. And if they are too damaged to donate or reuse, it’s best to call an upcycling company to get rid of them.

When to discard old furniture?

Not sure if your furniture is suitable for donation? Check for these signs:

1. Severe pest or termite infestation

2. Broken legs, armrests, tops or backrests

3. Irreparable rot or decay

4. Mouldy or damaged upholstery

5. Weak structural integrity

If you find any of these signs in your furniture, it’s best to give them to a junk removal company that can dispose of them in an eco-friendly way.

Bottom Line

A house move is the best time to get rid of unwanted things. It’s especially crucial before renting a storage unit in Alexandria. It will help you save space and money on your storage rental. Plus, it will make loading and unloading your items much safer and effortless. So, get ready to remodel your old furniture and use the above tips to remove them.