Want to know the process to deal with QuickBooks error code 15218? Well, if that is the case, then read this post till the end. QuickBooks error code 15218 is a 15xxx error series code that can be seen when the user tries to update their QuickBooks. These errors can be seen due to a couple of factors, which we will be discussing later in this post. Thus, if you are interested in finding out what causes and fixes such an error, make sure to read the post till the end. Or the user can also get in touch with our professionals at 1.844.405.0907, and they will ensure to provide immediate assistance.

What causes QuickBooks error code 15218?

The user can end up in such an error due to the factors below:

  • One of the basic causes can be if there is wrong configuration of the web browser like Microsoft internet explorer
  • Another reason can be if the .nd file is corrupted or damaged
  • The user can also face similar issues by the system firewall
  • Or if the QBCF monitor service issues appear


Steps to fix the QuickBooks error code 15218

The user can perform the below stated steps to fix the error code 15218. Let us have a look:

Method 1: Clean Install QuickBooks Software

  • The very first step is to log in to the system as the Administrator.
  • After that open the Run Command Windows in your computer by clicking on Ctrl+R
  • Now in search area ‘cpl
  • Select the ok option
  • The user should then, click on the Windows key along with R
  • Choose the ‘QuickBooks 20xx CDin the CD drive and then install the software again.
  • Run the clean install tool and then reboot the computer.

By the end of this post, the user might be able to fix the QuickBooks error code 15218 successfully. If in case the user needs any assistance at any point of time, then talking to our QuickBooks support team is suggested. Give us a call at 1.844.405.0907, and our team will provide immediate assistance.

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