When it comes to D-day (or moving day) being prepared is the best plan of attack. It’s best to start packing roughly one month before moving day. To prep, wake up early. When it comes to moving it’s best to plan for either a weekend or if possible, a long one! Time is of the essence, in that you’ll need as much of it as you can get.

Even the most effective planners can become overwhelmed when it comes to moving. For extra efficacy, we can help. Here are some of the easiest ways you can optimise your time.

1). Surface clean the night before:

Cleaning is one of the biggest time consumers when it comes to moving. Once everything is boxed up, do a vacuum, surface scrub, bathroom clean and mop, and general sweeping of your architraves and skirting boards to save some time in the morning. Once all the bigger furniture items are packed the next day, you can sort out cleaning behind the fridge, and the washing machine.

2). Create a list of everything that needs to get sorted out:

Starting a week before moving day, work out a list of everything that you can get organised in the early evenings after work. This might include: Sorting out donation bins and bags, throwing out old food, cleaning the fridge, and vacuuming the couches. This will save some time on moving day. When it comes to the actual day, writing another list with all the major items to be packed, moved, and the time the movers are coming is a great idea.

3). Send the kids off:

If you’ve taken a day off work to organise your move, your kids can head off to school and be picked up by a family member or sitter. If not, organise someone to watch them so they don’t get underfoot. If you can, a great idea is to organise help, or extra removalists to come to the new house and set up all the kids bedroom furniture. By the time they arrive, their rooms will be a safe haven where they can play or rest in peace while the adults sort everything else out.

4). Sort out pet arrangements:

If you have a dog, cat, or other pets, work out a place you can keep them for a day or two. Cats, in particular, have a hard time adjusting to new spaces, so making sure the house will be quiet and ready before they arrive can prevent the stress of a potential runaway, or an accident on the living room rug.

5). Don’t forget to eat, hydrate, and drink caffeine:

Moving is exhausting. Cleaning, lifting, packing, scrubbing something your toddler drew on the wall two years ago that is now threatening your security deposit…It’s important to make sure you have a filling breakfast when you wake up and pack yourself a cooler with lunch and cold water, especially if your move falls during summer.

Moving can be stressful, but with some prep and planning, you can make sure that you’re not tripping over yourself and forgetting things the day of.

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