With the technology today, it is not surprising that a mysterious person can access your phone number and victimize you with frightening phone calls Nickel city group. While there are others who just do it for fun to annoy other people through phone calls, you also need to be alert when calls are already threatening and violating your privacy.

Knowing what to do and how to stop frightening phone calls will ensure your safety. Here are some tips.

To avoid frightening phone calls, get your number unlisted or unpublished and do not give your number to anyone except when needed. Get a voicemail box, or an alternative number that you can give to a person or a company when needed.

Nuisance callers take the pleasure of annoying you if they feel that you are scared or if you entertain their calls. Do not entertain anonymous and frightening phone calls and do not give details about you and your family. Tell the nuisance caller not to bother you anymore and do not respond to any anonymous calls after that.

File a police report when you receive frightening phone calls or any form of stalking and phone harassment. They have standard procedures on how to deal with this kind of harassment. It is important that you keep a record or log of every phone harassment incident. It will also be helpful if you could trace the caller to have strong evidence who or where the frightening phone calls are coming from. It might be someone from your neighborhood which is really scary because the caller knows where you live. Break-ins and other violent crimes can begin with just a silly phone call.

It is better be safe than sorry. Did you know that you can trace people and anonymous callers through their phone numbers? To determine the owner of the harassing phone number, you can run a reverse phone look up. Run your search now visit Reverse Phone Detective