An essay is a vital part of university life. It is an academic writing that allows students to present their views and raise their voices on a certain topic. It gives them a sense of freedom to mirror their perspective without fear of being judged by others. This academic writing  also contributes to the student’s rating in their senior year. However, for academics, essay writing has its own unique set of difficulties. Sometimes they do not know how to follow the draught’s framework. Other times, they fail to understand the ways to keep it organised.

To avoid these issues, students seek essay writing servicesOnline aid helps them understand the loopholes in the areas they lack. However, while writing the essay, it becomes arduous for students to pick the appropriate essay type to gain good grades. There are various essay writing styles, such as expository, persuasive, descriptive, argumentative, and narrative. Below is a small excerpt of the persuasive essay that students could follow to gain good grades.

What Exactly do you Mean by a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a type of writing that focuses mainly on logic and reasoning. In this, the writer prefers to use logical arguments with an emotional tone to sway the reader to a particular point of view. It can be used both for academic and personal purposes. In this essay format, the writer starts with a question and writes the entire essay in favour of or opposing the motion. It is essential to highlight and prove your point by using resources, facts, and figures to prove your point. The writer would also explore all the opposing positions and counterarguments to them.

It is an essay that guides the framing of an argument. It also helps teach you how to summarise the pros and cons of an issue in one document. It enhances the development of the critical thinking skills of the student.

How to Write the Structure of Your Persuasive Essay?

There are a few things to be taken into account while writing the structure of the essay. It consists of three sections: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction: The introduction should contain the hook, background information, and thesis statement. It should be straight to the point. The fundamental purpose of it is to describe your topic, grab your reader’s attention, and give a brief introduction about the topic’s background.
  • Main Body:This is the main section of your essay and entails all your content. It should be engaging as well as logically sound. A persuasive essay should have 4-5 paragraphs, each discussing a different idea with evidence.
  • Conclusion: The last section of the persuasive essay contains a summary of the entire content. Do not forget to restate your thesis and highlight the fundamental points and arguments in the draft.

How Should a Persuasive Essay Be Written?

The format of every essay is essential to its presentation. Scholars are evaluated based on the format and presentation of their write-ups. Therefore, taking care of the format used in the draught and the content is essential. Below are a few formatting guidelines that should be followed while writing the essay:

  • Fonts:make sure to use Times New Roman as the primary font style of the draft.
  • Font Size:The font size should be 16 points for headlines. The remaining sentences should be written in 12.
  • Spacing:Use double spacing throughout the entire essay, and in some cases, 1.5.
  • Alignment:The alignment used in the essay should be justified.
  • Word Count: In the UK, the word count for university essays ranges from 500 to 2000. However, it is prudent to read your university’s criteria to determine what word count applies to you.

 What Are the Elements of a Persuasive Essay?

An excellent persuasive essay should have three essential components. The use of these three inside the persuasive essay makes it more engaging:

  • Ethos: It is an element of argument and credibility through which the writer establishes their credibility and knowledge. Readers are more likely to trust someone’s credible knowledge and personal experience. Using ethos can help sell your point of view more effectively in your write-up.
  • Pathos: Pathos appealsto the audience’s emotions to evoke feelings. Triggering the emotions of the reader can help them connect with the writer. It grabs reader’s attention and makes them read your document with interest. Using this element would make your readers want to read more.
  • Logos:Logos is a persuasive appeal to the reader’s logic and rationality. A good persuasive essay highlights a series of logical reasons that make the reader believe in the student’s argument.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Persuasive Essay?

An excellent persuasive essay has a few characteristics that make it exceptional. Listed below are a few points regarding the same: –

  • The information written in the essay should be easy to understand.
  • The write-up should only cover the information relevant to the topic.
  • Ensure you write a persuasive essay from a reader’s perspective to gain an audience.
  • It should be a convincing work that makes your audience agree with your point of view.

It is advised to analyse your topic, decide what essay style to pick and start drafting. Online services would help the scholar understand and provide guidelines for choosing the essay type that suits their write-up. It helps the students boost their academic performance and score good grades. It assists all subjects like management, marketing, computer science, law essay help, etc. It can also provide you with a sample draught to give you a clear picture of the structure and language of this kind of acacdemic document.. If you want to learn more about how to write any essay type, feel free to contact online essay writing services as soon as possible to get good grades.