Tackling with wild, unruly, frizzy hair that seems to have a mind of its own? Fret not! Like you, many people struggle with frizzy hair that seems impossible to manage. Thankfully, just like there are endless foolproof tips and products for facial acne, you can find infallible products and tips for taming frizzy hair.

Before we delve into our tried and tested tips to manage frizzy hair, let’s understand what causes the frizz.

What Causes Hair to Become Frizzy?

Hair has a porous structure that needs moisture. The lack of appropriate moisture results in the hair absorbing moisture from the environment. It causes the hair to develop frizz. The frizzy texture shows when your hair fibers run in different directions, making it appear dry and rough. Over-styling and over-washing can also cause frizzy hair.

7 Tips to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Now that you understand the potential reasons behind frizzy hair, let’s explore how to tame frizzy hair!

Use a Nourishing Shampoo

Invest in a good-quality, moisturizing shampoo that best suits your hair type. Using a conditioning shampoo will nourish and hydrate every strand of your hair, keeping dryness and frizz at bay. It will also realign your hair fibers, taming your mane to prevent frizz.

Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

Washing your hair with cold water will prevent excessive drying, which can cause frizzy hair. A cold rise will essentially seal your hair’s cuticles. When soaking in hot water, tie your hair up to protect it from heat damage.

Get a Fresh Cut

A poor haircut might also make your hair appear frizzier. The best haircut for frizzy hair will depend on your hair type. For straight hair, a blunt cut will give it a sleek look. Alternatively, long layers and a dry cut work best for curly hair.

Sleep Luxuriously on Silk

Swap your old bedding, or at least your pillow cover, with silk bedding. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will not disrupt your hair fibers, preventing breakage and frizz. If you don’t want to invest in silk, get satin pillowcases.

Use a Microfiber Towel

One of the best tips to manage frizzy hair is to retire your standard terry cloth towels and invest in a microfiber hair towel. The soft fibers will not disrupt your hair and keep it from breaking or becoming frizzy. Always use the towel gently to soak the excess moisture.

Hydrate Your Hair

Invest in hair care products that will keep your locks hydrated and protect them against humidity. These could include serums, nourishing oils, deep conditioners, hair masks, and more. However, when using these products, always look at the ingredients before making your purchase, and don’t go overboard with the conditioning.

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

If you have frizz-prone hair, use a wide-tooth comb to brush wet hair to avoid roughing up the hair cuticles. It gives your hair more space to pass through the teeth of the brush, preventing breakage. You must also clean your brush to get rid of excess product residue and oil, which can contribute to frizz.

The Bottom Line

Taming frizzy hair is not that challenging when you follow the right hair care regimen and use the appropriate products. So, don’t let frizzy hair hold you back; invest in moisturizing products, follow these tips, and rock your healthy, frizz-free hair!