We are moving from the traditional 9-5 jobs to a gig economy. One highlight of this economy is that it offers flexible, short-term, and more rewarding jobs than the traditional job market.

From ridesharing and delivery services to freelance writing and graphic designing, the modern worker is more versatile and focused than ever. To thrive in this economy, you must embrace advanced virtual networking tools.

Popl has been instrumental in helping professionals in the gig economy work multiple jobs with great efficiency by providing robust and futuristic business cards.

Popl: More Than Just A Digital Business Card

At the core, Popl’s allows seamless sharing and transfer of information between two smartphones using near-field communication (NFC) technology. This technology is not new, but Popl’s take on its use case is revolutionary. Here is why.

One Account, Multiple Business Cards

Unlike traditional business cards, where one card represents one person, the Popl digital business card allows users to have multiple profiles on one account. Each profile has its own card, which is shared independently.

For example, if you work as a graphic designer and a photographer during weekends, you can have a dedicated business card for each profession. This flexibility will help you share only content relevant to the potential clients.

Instant Sharing

Gone are the days when you had to carry a stack of cards and physically exchange them with recipients at an event. With Popl, you can share your contact and business information in one tap or share a QR code. 

On top of that, the recipient doesn’t need to have a Popl account to view your details. You can also use the Popl AI scanner to capture information from paper and digital business cards from Popl competitors. 

Dynamic Updates

One of the highlights of the gig economy is that everything is fast-paced. The roles change, and you need to be able to update your skills and services quickly. Save money you would have spent on printing new paper cards by switching to Popl.

With Popl, you can update your profile details in seconds. The new information will reflect on the recipient’s side in real time. You don’t need to contact them unless it’s super necessary.

How Popl Aligns With the Gig Economy Demands

To thrive and not just survive in the gig economy, you need a platform that matches the demands of the job market and aligns with your goals. Here is how the Popl digital business card is aligned with the gig economy.


Professionals in the gig economy thrive by quickly adapting to market changes and trends. Popl mirrors this demand by allowing users to switch between profiles swiftly based on the audience they are interacting with. 


The world is becoming increasingly conscious about the environment. Customers and investors are more inclined to work with professionals and companies advocating environmental conservation.

One sure way to show you are eco-friendly is using a Popl digital business card. No paper is used or wasted, reducing your carbon footprint and promoting environmental wellness. 


One of the downsides of traditional business cards is that you would have to design and print new cards when you change professions. Popl eliminates that repetitive cost, making it a one-time investment for an ever-evolving career. 

If you stop offering graphic design services and start working as a tutor, you can easily update your Popl digital business card at no extra cost.

Simplified Networking

In the gig economy, networking is the key to new opportunities. Popl will take your networking efforts a notch higher by enabling the seamless sharing of contact details and ensuring your first impression is always right.

The Future of Networking in the Gig Economy

As the lines between different professions blur and you transition to new professions, you need a tool that helps you keep up with the trends. Popl’s digital business card will help you network and stay ahead of the curve as you change careers.  

Whether you’re a jack-of-all-trades or a master of one, Popl will ensure that your professional identity is always accurately and impressively represented. 

Contact us to create your digital business card today. Our support team is available round the clock if you need help. See you on the other side, and welcome to the winners’ circle.