Error Message 12157 in QuickBooks Payroll can be challenging and frustrating for users when they operate some accounting tasks. There can be several factors that can cause this annoying error on your software. Some possible causes are as – if there some incompatible system components persists, also any type of registry errors or if there any Active X issues on your Windows.

This error can also be caused by installing multiple versions of QuickBooks desktop in the same year and limited firewall settings. Through this informative post today, we are going to providing six DIY fixes for this QuickBooks payroll error code 12157 in this guide to help you fix the problem and restart your QuickBooks system.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 12157?

Follow the below given methods in order to rectify the error code 12157 in QuickBooks:

Solution 1: Check your network settings

  • First of all, open the Chase banking website and make sure you have a secure internet connection.
  • You can’t open a new version of QuickBooks, if you can’t open a Chase account. It is recommended that you contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for support and assistance.
  • If you can access the Chase banking page, you can proceed with the steps below:
  • Select Help => Internet Connection Settings
  • Then, select Use My Computer Internet Connection Settings to establish a connection when this application reaches the Internet, & select First
  • Then select Advanced Connection Settings
  • Then, on the Advanced tab, select Restore Advanced Settings.

Restore advanced settings - Screenshot Image

Solution 2: Install personal firewalls

  • Make sure that firewalls and Internet security settings are properly configured.
  • Then, you need to go to the following files. Make sure that ports 80 and 443 should be opened.
  • These are the executables associated with QuickBooks. Set the specified firewall ports that match the QuickBooks Desktop version:
    • exe
    • exe
    • exe
    • exe
    • exe
    • AutoBackupExe
    • DBManagerExe
    • FileMovementExe
    • exe
    • exe
    • exe
    • exe

Solution 3: Restore detailed priorities

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • Click the Tools tab in the upper-right corner, and select the Internet option from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, click Advanced Tab.
  • Select the option to restore advanced settings and close the window.

Solution 4: Reinstall System

You can remove the files and data that could be causing this problem by using System Restore. Actions you can take include:

  • Open QuickBooks. Log in as an administrator.
  • Press the Start button in the lower-left corner of your desktop, or the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • Select All Programs and select Accessories.
  • Click System Tools.
  • Select System Restore.
  • Then, open a new window.
  • Select Reinstall this PC and click the Next button.
  • Select the system restore point and click the Next button.
  • Click Advanced System to adjust your computer to that time.
  • Select Next at the bottom of the confirmation window.
  • Save your changes. Restart your computer.

It is possible that all of the aforementioned ports are used for other purposes. In that case, QuickBooks Database Server Manager will want to use fallback port 56719.

Solution 5: Disable UAC

  • Press the Windows + R keys to open the first run box.
  • Go to the control panel. Press the Enter tab.
  • Go to Settings and Security.
  • Select security maintenance.
  • Now you have to select user accounts. Then, choose option to edit user accounts.
  • To complete the process, select the “never notify” tab in the user account control settings. Then, click the “Ok” tab.

Method 6: Do not run more than one version of QuickBooks on the same desktop

To ensure this:

  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Visit the downloads and updates page.
  3. Select your country.
  4. Select QuickBooks in products
  5. Select the version. Then, start the search.
  6. Next, decide whether to get the latest updates. If yes, then install the latest version

Summing Up!

In conclusion, QuickBooks error code 12157 troubleshooting requires a systematic approach. Hopefully, the provided solution will help you resolve this error and allow you to continue to run your business without problems. However, you can feel free to call us at 1-800-761-1787 for further assistance. Our QuickBooks payroll error support team will be happy to assist you.