To live is to feed oneself and to feed oneself cooking delicious meals is very important. It’s not just putting some vegetables together, it’s also adding taste. You can use many flavouring ingredients to add taste like preservatives, sweeteners, peppers and spices . Some dishes feel completely empty without pepper. On such instances, you can always use white peppercorn powder by Star Masale. Make your every meal delicious and tasteful by using white pepper in cooking. Because like everyone says, good food means good energy all day long. It’s not just adding taste when you add white peppercorn powder in cooking, it’s also adding many health benefits that come along with white pepper. 

What is White Pepper?

White pepper is a spice that is used in cooking when you want a peppery taste in your food but you don’t want to add black flecks in it. It has a less spicy flavour as compared to black pepper and yet adds a mild peppery note in your food to make it taste better. The white pepper is available in two forms: whole white pepper and ground white pepper. The main difference between both is that whole white peppercorn powder can last about three years without losing its taste but ground white peppercorn powder will only last three months with its peppery note. 

Do you know how white pepper is obtained?

Just like black pepper, white pepper is also produced from the dried fruit of the pepper plant, Piper Nigrum. White peppercorns are actually mature berries that are allowed to ripe to a red colour before being picked. These red coloured peppercorns are then soaked and the outer skin is rubbed off, revealing a smooth white underlayer. Then these white peppercorns are dried and bleached by the sun. The use of ground white pepper is common in Asian cuisines and also in light coloured meals where you don’t want visible black pepper.

How does white pepper taste?

The taste of white pepper is unlike any other pepper with a slightly misty, grassy or fermented feel. Even though white peppercorn powder is said to be milder than black pepper, some still consider the hotness it adds to the meals. 

White Pepper Vs. Black Pepper

The difference between black pepper and white pepper is from the beginning of harvesting. Although both come from the same plant, black peppercorns are harvested when they’re not ripe whereas white peppercorns are picked after they achieve a ripe red colour.

The second difference is in taste which is due to the process they’re obtained. The black peppercorns are allowed to soak and ferment but the skin is not removed. This gives the black pepper a hot, floral and pungent taste. On the other hand, the skin is removed from berries to obtain white peppercorns and in doing so, many chemical agents leave white peppercorns. After this process, white peppercorns give a more complex and earthy flavour with hotness milder than that of black pepper.

Health Benefits of White Pepper

White peppercorn powder doesn’t only add a mild peppery flavour, it also brings many health benefits along the way. So, it’s not just good tasting food, it’s also healthy food with white pepper.

Packed with antioxidants 

Many foods are filled with free radicals. The free radicals can have adverse effects on your health and can cause many diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and even obesity. With the enriching antioxidants that white pepper has, your body can combat free radicals very quickly and protect you from such diseases.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation can be common during sickness but if it doesn’t go away, it can worsen your health.  White pepper is rich in piperine. This element is said to combat inflammation in the body. Thus, white pepper can help to reduce inflammation in your body.

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Beneficial for anorexia patients

Anorexia is an eating disorder in which patients stop eating properly. This condition decreases your food intake and can lead to severe health issues. White pepper is said to increase appetite by improving digestion. So, using white pepper in meals can be beneficial for anorexia patients.

Reduces blood pressure

High blood pressure is common in people today. There may be many reasons for high blood pressure, but it can easily be decreased with consumption of white pepper since it’s rich in flavonoids, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. A regular use of white pepper in meals can help keep the blood pressure in check.

Helps with cold and respiratory diseases

White pepper is known to cure respiratory diseases. It can clear the nasal passages by removing mucus and also help in reducing lung congestion. This can help in preventing and curing cough/cold.

How to use White Pepper in Cooking

Using white pepper in cooking is very simple. Just add it when you’re about to finish cooking or you can add it after you’ve cooked. This is because overheating the black pepper might lead to a bitter flavour.


You can always use white pepper while cooking light coloured meals to keep the aesthetic of the meal while giving it the aromatic hot peppery taste.


Meals that white pepper tastes great with are boiled eggs, cheese, salad, soups, bakery products, sabzis, curries, detox tea,masala chai, sandwiches, oats and non-vegetarian foods like meat, fish and chicken.


Substituting white pepper with black pepper


It’s common to substitute white pepper with black pepper, but you can only do so if you’re using the pepper in a light amount. This will not make any difference because both are still hot tasting spice masala.


With dishes that use a large amount of pepper, you can not substitute white pepper with black pepper because the flavours will be more prominent and can ruin the taste of the dish.