Are you planning to propose someone? How do you make sure she says ‘yes’? Proposing to your girl will be a beautiful moment that you two will cherish forever. So, you should plan it in advance to ensure everything works out in your favor. Here are some cool proposal ideas that will help you sweep your girl off her feet.

  1. Involve your pet

If you are a pet owner, you can propose in the cutest manner. All you have to do is write ‘I Love You’ on a card and tie it around your pet’s neck. Your sweetheart’s heart is bound to melt the moment she sees your furry companion. And how could a girl ever say ‘no’ to a puppy or a kitten?

  1. Propose with ‘I Love You’ balloons

Who said balloons are only for birthday parties? Instead of plain balloons, you can gift a heart shaped balloon to your beloved.  From heart shaped foil balloons to ‘I love you foil Balloons, there are balloons designed specifically for couples. So, if you are too shy to say the three magical words, let your balloons do the talking as you gaze deep into her eyes.

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  1. Propose on a special event

If you want your proposal to be accepted, you can plan it on a special day. It could be your partner’s birthday or the eve of Christmas or on 31st night when the clock strikes 12. It is nice to propose in the festive season as people are already in great mood. So, your proposal will double up her excitement.

  1. Propose with a ring

Proposing with a ring is definitely cliché, but it is still the most romantic type of proposal. If your girl cries each time she watches a romantic film, then you should certainly propose her with a ring. So, take her to the beach, sit on your knees with the ring, and pledge your eternal love for her. She will not only say ‘yes’ but also fall in love with you all over again.

  1. Reenact the proposal scene from her favorite film

For this, you just have to find out your significant other’s favorite romantic movie. Classic romantic movies like ‘A Walk to Remember’ and ‘Pretty Woman’ have some iconic proposal scenes that make even the toughest of hearts melt. So, win the love of your life by proposing her like they do in the movies.


Every girl secretly wishes to be proposed in a filmy way. There’s another thing that she hopes – to preserve the moment in the form of photographs. So, whichever way you propose, make sure there is someone to take some candid shots of the magical moment.