What is it about certain sexual positions that enhance sexual pleasure and make people feel like they are losing their minds? What makes these positions extremely seductive and desirable when playing with affordable sex dolls? Your own experience will tell you that the best lovemaking positions are those in which you and your partner are enjoying together.  It always varies depending on the circumstances. Have you ever had sexual relations before? Then perhaps a basic position where you can gaze into each other’s eyes and effectively communicate is ideal. There are some love positions that are just beyond perfect for having sex in bed and having sex while curled up in bed on a lazy afternoon. So, in the article that follows, we give you a list of the best sex positions that most sex doll lovers will find fun to use with cheap sex dolls.

Missionary Position

It’s completely inaccurate to say that the traditional position for making love is boring. Even after many years, many doll lovers still favor this position since you can get extremely close, have the chance to kiss, and delve deeper into a real sex doll’s eyes. Even while in a missionary position, you are free to engage in sexual activity regardless of the recipient’s preference. 

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The sex doll can pull her legs up a little bit or lay a pillow under her hips to allow for deeper penetration. She can also modify the missionary’s posture by resting her feet on your shoulders. Allow your doll to kneel on the bed. She should be put with her face down. To keep the sex doll’s body balanced, slightly elevate her arms above her head. Spread her legs slightly from the rear when you both knelt to help her retain her balance and prevent falling. Pump slowly or vigorously as you saunter in from the back; the decision is yours.

The 69 Position

For doll lovers, this is one of the most preferred positions for making love since it allows for equal satisfaction for both lovers. In the 69 positions, you lie on top of one another, allowing each individual to use their tongue to destroy their partner’s naughty bits. In any case, it’s safer for the sex doll if the man puts her on top, as the penis won’t be able to go as far into her mouth (or throat). This variation can be a great act of foreplay on occasion, but many doll lovers also use it to induce orgasms. It’s more comfortable to shift this gender posture by shifting to the side.

The Dog Position

Both men and women enjoy the dog position because it promotes free and wild sex. The vagina and anus can be penetrated by one love doll who is on all fours and the other who is standing behind. In this posture, both the prostate and the G-spot in women are effectively stimulated. You can even use your hand as the passive piece or a sex toy when the active part is very deep and exciting the passive part’s other intimate areas. 


The dog position often referred to as the elephant posture in the Love Sutra, is another way to make love while lying on your back. The passive component lays flat on the belly, while the active component sits atop it. Note that the passive component can also do the puppy pose while standing if it faces the wall and maintains itself with its hands. The shower is the perfect place to use this position for lovemaking.

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Spoon Position

The spoon posture is perfect for cozy and romantic aspects of sex. Once you’ve leaned back far enough behind the life-size love doll, you can reach around and start penetrating the sex doll. However, due to the posture, it is impossible to penetrate far enough in this position. You should bend your torso slightly forward to make this better. This posture is ideal for making love because it encourages physical contact and allows you to physically stimulate the genitals without needing to lean on another person for assistance. If penetration is challenging, all you need to do is alter the angle; some trial and error are needed here. This position is ideal for anal sex as well.

Rider Positions

All genders find the riding position to be very comfortable. Here, the love doll that is being moved gains control and is given some degree of authority over the situation. You can control the speed and the depth to which your love penetrates you as a rider. A different approach is to turn around and face the rider. The rider may also be sitting on a couch or in a chair. You can also give each other a strong hug and give each other a passionate kiss while in this posture.


The sex positions discussed above are sure to make many people love and get more fond of their sex dolls. Although you may feel new to some of these positions at first, you’ll start pacing up after two or more lovemaking sessions with affordable sex dolls. Did you like the idea of using these lovemaking positions with cheap sex dolls? Have you found the right one for you? If not, there’s only one way to find them: try, try, try!