To become an IMechE Associate Member, you need an undergraduate degree in science, technology, engineering, or maths (STEM).

Becoming an IMechE Associate Member will allow you to come to know the next stage of your professional development. Thus, you will be able to start working towards attaining the status of a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer.

In other words, this membership (AMIMechE) will assist you in boosting your career and fulfilling your ambitions. Let’s move ahead to know the benefits of attaining this status.

Why you should become an Associate Member:

Career support:

It will help you make steps toward becoming a Chartered Engineer or Incorporated Engineer.

You will be able to demonstrate your professional ambitions and status.

It will allow you to use the post-nominal letters AMIMechE after your name.

Make and record your competencies:

You will get access to a series of exclusive events to stay updated with the latest industry news and views.

Build your professional network:

Being an Associate Member, you can build working relationships with other experts in your field.

You will have golden opportunities to meet professional engineers and even potential future employers.

Benefit from IMechE’s learning resources:

  • This membership will let you have discounts on training courses, seminars, and conferences.
  • You will access a global-level engineering library.
  • It will allow you to read Member-only specialist engineering news, features, and expert comment by PE.
  • You will get access to financial and practical support by means of IMechE’s benevolent fund (Support Network).

Eligibility criteria:

You need to be a graduate with an undergraduate degree in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) subject. Besides that, you will need to fulfill one of the following requirements:

  • Possessing an IMechE-accredited undergraduate degree
  • Having a UK undergraduate engineering degree
  • Possessing undergraduate maths, physics, or another related science degree
  • Having an international engineering degree fulfilling IMechE’s academic requirements
  • Possessing an Open University undergraduate degree with an acceptable profile

Unfortunately, the qualifications that are not equivalent to the following don’t fulfill the academic requirement to become an Associate Member:

A British bachelor’s degree (Level 6), or

Above like HNCs, HNDs, and Foundation degrees

A British bachelor’s degree (Level 6) or above (Such as HNCs, HNDs, and Foundation degrees) is not eligible.

Application process:

The following are the steps you need to go through to attain IMechE membership as an Associate Member:

  1. Check your qualifications:

Before applying, ensure you are eligible for registration as an Associate. See above to know more about the educational requirements.

  1. Log in to your account:

Before the online application opens, the authority will ask you to sign in to the website. If you don’t already have a username and password, you will be prompted to create an online account.

As a student Affiliate, you must forget your membership number, username or/and password. In this case, to get a password reminder, or to get to the Membership Applications Team, contact:

Tel: +44 (0)20 7304 6999 or by mail at: [email protected], before you create a new account.

  1. Complete the online application form:

The application is split into the below-listed sections that must be completed when submitting your application:

  1. Personal and employment details:

One can update this information in My Profile.

  1. Education:

You need to have a scanned version of any academic certificates to hand when you will be prompted to upload these.

Your undergraduate degree certificate needs to have the following information:

  • Qualification Award (egBEng(H), MEng,etc)
  • Awarding university
  • Subject Title of an award on a certificate (eg Mechanical Engineering)
  • Class or Result (eg 2nd Class Honours, Merit, and so on)
  • Date of award

If any of the above information is not available on your degree certification, upload a copy of your transcripts/results.

If not received your official certificate, as recently graduated, submit a letter from the awarding body confirming the information above.

The authority can’t accept degree proof that states valid for online only or not an official copy.

Submit all documents in their original language and translated them into English, if applicable.

There is a 4MB size limit for uploaded documents: anything over this will face rejection.

  1. Industry Classification
  2. Stay in touch

The authority has included a validation page that will highlight if any information is missing. You can’t submit your application for assessment if there are any incomplete sections.

If you can’t apply online, apply using the PDF application form available on the official website.

  1. Submit your application and pay:

You can only submit your application for assessment when you have completed all sections of the form.

When you complete all sections of the form, enter the details of your credit or debit card for the application fee cost. There is no other form of payment available at this time.

After entering your card details, you will be prompted to press the ‘submit now button’. It will simultaneously take your payment and send the application to the Membership Team.

You will get an email to confirm the payment. So, you should keep this for reference. In addition, this mail will let you know that your application has been received.

The staff will check your application. You will be able to log in to your account whenever you want to check your application progress. 

  1. You will come to know your result:

When the authority has checked your application, it will notify you in writing of your election by email.