A healthy relationship between a tenant and landlord can make the living happier for the tenant, and make things convenient for the landlord.

The joy of staying in a rented house stems from multiple factors. Good locality, reasonable rental prices, and spacious interiors are some of the apparent aspects.

There is another key aspect that works in parallel to these factors to contribute to the happiness in staying in a rented accommodation. It is none other than a good relationship between a tenant and the landlord.

Yes, you heard that right! The degree of warmth in the relationship between both parties is one of the most important ingredients in the joy.

In this article, we will discuss how to build a good and long-lasting relationship with your landlord. 

But first, let us walk through the role of a landlord in the UAE

In the country, there are a set of regulations for landlords to abide by during renting out their houses. The rules are issued by government bodies, such as Tawtheeq in Abu Dhabi, Dubai Land Department and the Sharjah Municipality. 

Regardless of the issuing authority, the rules and regulations mandate a landlord in the country to:

  • Comply with the local municipality’s housing rules
  • Repair the property in case of damages, or needing renovation
  • Ensure safety and security of the property
  • Make sure all services are in working condition

Likewise, tenants also have a few responsibilities in the UAE. And, things become streamlined when both parties follow the rules set by the relevant authorities.

In the UAE, the tenant is expected to follow the following rules:

  • Pay rent and utility bills on time, failure to which can invite penalties
  • Use the rented property for the intended purpose only
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the property
  • Do not damage the property
  • Abide by the terms and conditions of the rental agreement

Now, let us come to the moot point, the core topic of discussion. 

Maintaining a good relationship with your landlord in the UAE is not a challenging affair. Instead, it is a simple task, subjected to the following of the best practices.

To keep your relationship healthy with your landlord, you should:

Communicate Clearly

Clear communication is the key to keep the relationship between you and your landlord healthy. And, the clarity in communication should be from both parties.

For the landlord, it is important to clearly state your expectations from the tenant because that will minimize the chances of conflict. 

The landlord should share with the tenant all the details of the property before renting it out. Such initiatives will help the tenant to make an informed decision to conveniently settle down at the new home.

Offer Perks

Landlords should offer long-term perks to the tenant while renewing the tenancy contract. It can motivate the tenant to renew the contract in the succeeding years. That way the landlord can avoid an empty period between tenancies. At the same time, the tenant gets a sense of security.

A Property Tour

It can be a good idea to request your landlord to take you on a property tour. It can help you see what is working and what is not working in the property. 

If you notice any fixtures and fittings that are not in prime working condition, you should point them out to the landlord, and ask to fix them before renting the property. 

Also, you can write down the key points of observation during the tour. It will help your landlord to remember them to fix the issues before signing the tenancy contract. 

Furthermore, you should make yourself aware of the important property details, such as mailing codes, alarm systems and passwords.

Get Everything Written

It is a wise practice to get everything, including the terms and conditions, written as that can negate the possibilities of developing disputes later. 

You should get even things, like the landlord’s promise to repaint the house should be taken in writing. 

Remember, written statements provide more clarity, and reduce the chances of misunderstanding between both parties.


In addition, there can be other effective practices to preserve good relationships between a tenant and landlord. 

One, both parties should respect each other’s privacy. So, the landlord must inform the tenant in advance if he wants to access the property. If there is a need to carry out maintenance work, the landlord should inform the tenant of the schedule in advance.

Two, responses between the landlord and tenant have to be prompt. If any issue arises that calls for immediate attention, such as structural repairs or leakages, the landlord must fix them immediately. With such gestures, the tenant and landlord can develop a warm bond.

Three, tenants should try to resolve minor issues on their own without approaching the landlord. It will also save time and effort.

So, that was all about maintaining good relationships between landlord and client. 

Again, it will help to know a few things associated with tenancy in the UAE. 


Ejari is a government program, and an initiative of the RERA. The program regulates all  tenancy contracts in Dubai. 

The program documents associated with your tenancy are official records, acting as evidence of your tenancy. 

Ejari provides an online registration process to facilitate all stakeholders. And, you can visit the official website for more information.

You must make yourself aware of the extant Dubai Tenancy Laws, if you are in the process of relocating to the emirate.

Registration of Tenancy Contracts in  Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah

In Abu Dhabi, Tawtheeq is the government-sponsored regulatory authority for tenancy contracts. Landlords and tenants can register online through the Tawtheeq online portal. Moreover, there is also the option of visiting an approved Abu Dhabi Municipality Tawtheeq Centres to complete the registration process.

In Sharjah, the Municipality registers all tenancy contracts. In addition, the Rent Regulation Department also resolves leasing and rental disputes and enforces any court rulings.

You can visit the department if you have any questions regarding tenancy laws and tenants’ rights.


It is not at all a good practice to vitiate the relationship between a tenant and landlord. So, both parties should ensure to avoid things that can strain the relationship. Instead, both parties should practice healthy ways of maintaining a good relationship. Also, finding a rental house in the UAE is not challenging due to the availability of excellent property portals, like Toplatest.