Today pediatric rheumatologists is recognized as a subspecialty and thus paves the way for timely, appropriate and optimal musculoskeletal and rheumatic diagnosis and treatment for children with these illnesses. The advances in pediatric rheumatology are certainly paving the way to better care for the young patients. With an improved standard of care the patient is now provided complete care by a team which comprises of the primary care physician, best pediatric rheumatologist and associated rheumatology health care personnel, and patient and family. Moreover improved medications ensure that comprehensive treatment arsenal is offered to the patients which includes conventional and complementary approaches such as medications, diet modification, supplements if needed, sleep habits, mind-body strategies, and exercise/therapy suggestions.

While choosing the best rheumatologist Houston you must ensure that the specialist follows medical regimen which can be bolstered with healthy diet and exercise that focuses on such low-impact activities as swimming, stretching, and bicycling. Along with the rheumatologist the patient and family can work together to ensure that the child complies with the prescribed treatment and also takes care to get adequate, restful sleep; manage stress; and protect bone.

With advances in the field of pediatric rheumatologic disease there has been a decrease in morbidity and mortality significantly over the past years. In addition accompanying the awareness and specialization by the best pediatric rheumatologist there has been notable decline in joint replacements, hospitalizations, and permanent disability. With the right and timely treatment of these specialists today most children with rheumatologic disease are able to attend school regularly and pursue extracurricular activities. You will agree that there are several factors that significantly contribute to the progress that probably is paving the way for future improvement.

Choosing the best Pediatric Rheumatologist is the central driving force which can lead to improvement of patient’s condition besides the implementation of a team approach to patient care. Many times depending on the patient, the pediatric rheumatologist might include a nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist, dietitian, and psychologist or counsellor to achieve optimal health for their patients.

Rheum to Grow is a unique practice for kids with chronic rheumatic diseases to get personalized health care that goes beyond standard disease management. Dr. Singla knows from personal experience that living with a rheumatic illness can be an ever-changing experience mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her mission in opening this practice is to help children and families better handle this uncertainty through education, empowerment, and support.