Building surveys are a means of providing a detailed assessment of a property’s condition which involves an in-depth inspection. Even though this might not be one of the most effective forms of surveys available to property owners but it is one of the most common and convenient surveys.

These surveys are commonly undertaken to assist property proprietors in understanding the condition of their property, recording risks and potential expenditures that may be required, and permitting them to develop appropriate remedial or upkeep plans. Building surveys however are not exclusive as they can be availed by individual homeowners and personal property owners and are also included in property portfolios to have a net idea of future investments and maintenance fees.

What do building surveys aim at? 

Building surveys are generally conducted by chartered surveyors who provide homeowners with a detailed well documented official report on the present condition of their property. The report includes the condition of the building, guidelines on how to conduct proper maintenance, and the appropriate approach to cope with cropping issues. Having said that, let us now discuss what the finest building surveys primarily aim at:

  • Documenting the present situation of the property, highlighting areas of failure or concern.
  • Identifying reasons for past, or ongoing, deterioration
  • Recognizing problems that need attention to save you serious harm.
  • Identifying matters that want additional inquiries to pre-empt issues in the future.
  • Providing conservation and maintenance tips.
  • Supplying an estimate of the value of any works that may be required.

Building surveys are therefore highly beneficial for homeowners as it highlights every aspect of their property.

The different types of building surveys: 

Homeowners usually opt for building surveysto know about the condition of their property in a detailed and documented manner. This can help them plan the budget for future investments and make them aware of the major loopholes that can cause them serious damage.

There are three basic types of building surveys offered to homeowners, let us read about them in detail.

  • The condition report: A report consisting of a detailed survey on the condition of the property, legal issues, future problems, and potential threats to the property is known as the condition report. This is usually conducted on relatively new buildings and properties.
  • Home condition survey: The Homebuyer report or home condition Survey is a basic survey that encompasses all the functions of a level one report in addition to defects that could affect the property. Furthermore, it includes recommendations on repairs and maintenance. It may also consist of a marketplace valuation if required. This type of survey is suitable for popular homes in reasonable condition.
  • Conducting a full building survey: A full building survey is an advanced stage of the survey. It is an in-depth observation of the property’s situation with advice on defects, maintenance, and a way to maintain the property. A level three survey is suitable for older residences, unusual houses, preservation projects, and houses in a bad condition. As such it is the greater expensive and comprehensive option.

As a parting note, we would like to say that building surveys are of great importance and homeowners should definitely.