With the accomplishment of the right to equality and a fair share of responsibilities for men and women, there is a significant rise in women using digital tools. The online presence has given them numerous opportunities to excel in every field. However, the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrimes has also increased. Use the internet cautiously for personal and professional work.

Buying Cyber Insurance coverage is essential for everyone, especially women, to ensure you remain protected from the aftermath of a cybercrime. It covers first and third-party liabilities arising from a cyber security breach, expenses incurred due to data breaches, human error, business disruption, cyber-attacks, and electronic media claims.

The expenses covered include event management costs, emergency response costs, business loss, notification costs, and recovery costs.

Importance for women

The increasing cyberattacks compel the current-day business owner to contemplate Insurance coverage for their company. The terrifying statistics reveal the increased cyber attacks and threats of data breaches and ransomware of giant corporations as well as small businesses. The recovery cost for small firms might lead to bankruptcy.

It is safer to buy the policy from a reputed and recognised General Insurance company as they have better claim settlement processes, incurred claim ratios, and turnaround times. Whenever anyone among the people paying the premium faces damage or loss, you get compensation or a claim from the pooled money.

Types of crimes

The most common cybercrimes committed against women are cyber blackmail, threats, publishing offensive and immoral content, stalking, bullying, defamation, and establishing fake profiles. It is time we take these things seriously and act responsibly. We should use the internet carefully and buy an adequate Cyber Insurance Policy protecting our identity online.

Safety tips

Besides buying Cyber Insurance coverage, you should be mindful of the dangers, such as sharing passwords and confidential information, leaving the webcam connected when not required, and not updating the operating systems on time. However, with this cover, you can protect yourself against cyberstalking on social media and other digital channels. Nowadays, stalkers create fake photos of women and upload them on the internet.

These are a medium to threaten women and demand extortion. Moreover, they may create fake email accounts and social media profiles and avail unauthorised access to personal data, stored data on phones, digital devices, etc. With the right Insurance coverage, you increase protection against such activities and report them fearlessly.

How to buy it?

To buy a Cyber Insurance Policy from a reputed company in India, you must visit their website or download the app. Go through the inclusions, premiums, claim settlement ratios, and reviews before buying. Compare other policies and select the one offering ample coverage at reasonable premiums.

Bottom line

Cybersecurity is the top challenge for individuals and corporates. Today, we are more connected than before. Stay vigilant, smart, and careful. Ensure your safety when browsing online.