Are you looking for an equestrian store near me? Here you can find a list of riding equipment that can seem awe-inspiring if you have just purchased a new horse! The equipment is necessary for the horse and rider. Some equipment is optional, while others are vital only in certain fields. It is common for new riders to walk the aisles of a store or click through the pages of a merchant online. You should know about the tools and materials you will need before visiting a tack store. Following is a list of horse riding equipment that every new rider should have for himself and his horse.

  • Boots are not only fashionable but also essential for safety reasons. An outstanding pair of riding Eskadron boots is mandatory for any beginner. Wearing normal boots is not a smart idea as they lack the safety elements found in riding boots. Tall boots are usually used for performances to stop the saddle from pinching. Short boots, at times referred to as paddock boots, are a contented and versatile choice. If you are sporting paddock boots, you will need half chaps as they provide more grip and leg protection.
  • All equestrians should wear a horse riding helmet, irrespective of their skill level. Even the most gentle horse can be startled, and even the most seasoned rider can be hurt. Horseback riding is a risky activity with a high risk of head injuries. You will need a helmet manufactured particularly for horseback riding, as it contains the necessary safety features. You should also make sure that your helmet is correctly worn and fitted.
  • A saddle is most likely the most costly purchase you will make for your horse. Saddles are made to accommodate both the horse and the rider. You will also want to understand how to maintain your saddle so that it lasts as long as possible. Saddle pads are vital equipment for every ride as they guard the horse from the chafing of the saddle.

Horseback riding gear guarantees that you have a contented and safe experience when riding a horse, which is vital for beginners. These equipment can help you in learning more quickly.