Fire safety in schools Importance of Taking Fire Safety Measures in Schoolaims to ideally prevent fires from happening, but if an accident occurs, ensure the damage to people or property is kept as minimal as possible. With so many young, vulnerable people all gathered together, fire safety protocols in school are crucial.

Fire safety measures should be integral to all aspects of planning and begin with the construction of the school building itself. Schools may be equipped with fire sprinkler systems, safety sensors, and other safety equipment. Clear, accessible passages and exits are another essential element of planning.

According to assessments and inspections conducted in schools, the spaces that are not used for teaching face the highest risk of accidental fires starting. These non-teaching areas include kitchens, offices, prep rooms, storage areas, and electrical switch rooms. A school’s most common causes of fire hazards include arson, overloaded electrical systems, fuel store areas with high oxygen concentration or insufficient protection, materials that release hazardous fumes when heated, incorrectly installed wiring, improper usage of electrical appliances, and unattended lit candles.