Buying a house is a big decision which people make after taking into consideration several aspects. It is perhaps the biggest investment that an individual makes in a lifetime and as such requires careful consideration of a number of different factors.

Location of the apartment is perhaps one of the biggest factors that must be taken into consideration as a lot depends on that. I realized the importance of giving priority to the location while buying a home when I was looking for flats for sale in Maheshtala for myself. There are so many permutations and combinations that you may need to look into before finally deciding which apartment to buy and where. Based on my experience, here are a few things to consider while deciding which location to buy the apartment in.


Whether you live in an apartment complex, a standalone apartment or a villa, you have to ensure that the property is in a good neighborhood. In Kolkata, people are amiable and there is a strong sense of community which is perfect for a peaceful neighborhood. However, there are certain areas where people from the nearby slum areas try to create nuisance and it is best to avoid such places.

Commuting time:

If you reside in any of the urban metropolises, congestion on the roads during peak hours is something that you will have to deal with. It is as such extremely important that you either buy an apartment in a location that is very well connected by various means of public transport or is quite close to your place of work so you do not have to jostle with the traffic every time you leave for work or come back home.


Kolkata is one very interesting city as here you can get an interesting mix of cultures and belief systems. While some parts of Kolkata still revel in the glories of the past and love holding on to traditions, other parts of the city are rapidly catching up with the urbane lifestyle. As such, before you start looking for 2 BHK Flats for sale in Maheshtala, Budge Budge, Garia, Shyambazar or any such place in Kolkata, do try and evaluate the neighborhood and the lifestyle of the general populace in the area so you know you will be comfortable in the neighborhood.

Overall Infrastructure of the locality:

Before buying an apartment, it is also very important to check the quality of infrastructure of the place. Condition of the roads, the sewerage and water drainage channels, electricity supply as well as drinking water supply are a few things that people must check before finalizing a locality where they would prefer to buy their apartment.

Expected Developments:

Many areas in Kolkata that were considered quite backward and inaccessible until a decade ago have been completely transformed. Areas like Kasba, Patuli etc. which were considered backward are now considered as posh areas and today you can spot several high-rises in these areas. As such, before buying an apartment in a particular neighborhood, it is always good to get an insight on the developmental activities underway. The pace at which a locality develops also impacts the valuation of the property there which is another reason why it is so important to evaluate the prospects of a place.

Apart from these factors, proximity to various civic amenities like hospitals and educational institutions, as well as commercial centers are also important factors to take into consideration while assessing a location to buy your future home. While buying a home, a carefully planned purchase decision can go a long way in ensuring that you have a peaceful life.