Who doesn’t want money? Who doesn’t wish to improve his financial status? Almost everyone is running after money! In today’s scenario, your financial status measures your respect, lifestyle, and social status. Everyone tries hard to get money, but still, there is a wide disparity. Why?

Here, you can’t say one is more hardworking or smarter than the other. It is your destiny that plays the dominant role. There can be yoga for loans and debts in kundli, cheating, over expenditure, low income, business failure, constant losses, theft, or anything else. All these factors destabilize your financial condition sending you into a miserable state. Let’s find out how astrology can help attract luck, wealth, and fortunes!

Indications of riches or poverty in the kundli

If you meet an astrologer he can tell you about yoga for poverty and riches. There is specific yoga in the kundli that predicts your financial status. One gets abundant wealth with little hard work, while the other has to work hard to get even a tiny amount of it. Here, astrological yoga makes a difference!

The presence of Dhan yoga, Lakshmi yoga, and rajyoga confers wealth, while kemdrum yoga, shakat yoga, and rajbhanga yoga are negative yoga for wealth. Negative yoga creates obstructions to gaining wealth, and most of the time, the person remains poor. There can be a debt issues in birth chart, creating an all-time scarcity of funds. 

So, before blaming your financial conditions, take an astrological consultation to determine how much riches you will attain in this life! 

The important houses of Finance in Astrology

According to Finance astrology, the second house is the house of wealth and is called the Dhan bhava. This second house primarily represents all matters related to wealth and Finance. It shows the sources of earning money and the savings or assets of the native. A strong 2nd house predicts financial prosperity for native. If the second lord is well placed in birth chart, person owns enormous wealth. The weakness or affliction of 2nd house predicts financial instability.

Another house, which is seen for money is the eleventh house. The 11th house is the house of gains called the Labha bhava in astrology. The eleventh house represents huge gains earned through business or otherwise. A strong eleventh house and its lord affirm the fulfillment of desires and gains through different means. A weak eleventh house causes disturbances in financial prosperity.

Which planet is responsible for financial problems?

No plant is good or bad in financial matters. One needs to see the strength of the second and the eleventh lords, which predict the financial status of an individual. Every planet has its specifications, and it brings wealth to the natives as per their signification. However, having the 2nd lord in bad houses or conditions is terrible. So, if we figure out which planet is responsible for the financial problem, the whole janam kundli needs to be analyzed. The lord of the trik or bad houses can also give wealth as per their associations. The badhaka planet, however, creates severe implications for earning wealth.

Top remedies to improve financial status

·         Give respect to the females- Wealth means Goddess Lakshmi, a female deity. One should respect the females to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. 

·         Don’t cheat others- One should be honest and not earn via fraud or immoral means. Such wealth never stays and brings misery. 

·         Kindness and Charity- One should donate a specific portion of one’s monthly earnings. It would help if you were kind to others and those in need. This practice helps to attract blessings of the planets for you.

·         Place cash appropriately- The South or the South West direction of the house is appropriate to place your cash locker. North is the direction of the lord of wealth, Kuber, and opening your locker’s doors in his direction attracts wealth. 

·         Place Kuber Yantra- One should place Kuber Yantra wrapped in red cloth in your puja room. One should worship and light a ghee-filled lamp every morning before it. 

·         Don’t take free services- You should always pay for the services you seek. Taking services for free cause downfall. 

·         Worship Tulsi plant- One should have a Tulsi plant in his home. It is auspicious to light a mud lamp filled with ghee every evening before it. This practice attracts prosperity and wealth in the house.

·         Recite Mantras – One can recite “Shree Suktam,” “Vishnu Sahastranam,” “Mahalakshmi ashtakam,” “Hanuman Chalisa,” and “Narsimha Lakshmi Karavalamban Stotra,” etc. for getting rid of debts and attract financial prosperity.

·         Feed stray animals

·         A cutter-free house helps in attracting wealth. 

·         The lady of house should be dressed nicely and stay happy. It is good if she pours a tumbler full of water at main entrance because it paves way for wealth to enter house.

These astrological remedies help improve the financial conditions of a person. These remedies help overcome financial problems and bring success and wealth to life. 

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