The year 2022 is coming to end and this is a time when most businesses use this opportunity to reflect on the year that they had and identify things they are going to change for the upcoming new year. This might be difficult for some and therefore, where have compiled a guideline for business owners for things to look at when they are compiling strategies for the new year which includes the BEE compliance report, automation, sustainability and even renovation.

Guidelines for Businesses

Firstly, if you live in South Africa, you will be familiar with a BEE compliance report. This is a report that helps the government determine the BEE compliance of your business. However, a lot of businesses lack the knowledge or inside on how to obtain a BEE Compliance report or how to reap the benefits of reaching a certain level in BBBEE. Therefore, if you would like to improve this, we would recommend that you hire a BBBEE consulting agency that has years of experience and qualifications in this field. Not only will you have a great BEE compliance report, but your business will be able to reap the benefits thereof and contribute to the success of your business for 2023.

Secondly, we live in a world where technology has made our lives easier and more comfortable, however, businesses tend to forget that this can happen in their business as well through automation. You can implement automation by making use of integration programs that are offered through various companies of which one is Microsoft. These programs allow you to back up all of your business work which includes that of the employees and client data as well as encrypt your data improving the cyber security of your business as well. Furthermore, it offers integration with calendars for everyone to see as well as software that makes it easier for employees to work together. Stop struggling and find ways to automate the way you run your business. There is no reason for you to stress so much and do the extra admin work.

Thirdly, making your company more sustainable is something that will not only benefit the environment but also your business. Sustainability comes in many forms one of which is paper. All businesses are guilty of printing too many things on paper which just could be saved on a laptop or uploaded to Google Drives. I mean, do you need to print out a BEE compliance report or can you look at it by email? This will not only be good for the environment but also save you a lot of money by not using paper.

Lastly, studies have shown that the way the work environment looks and feels can increase or decrease the production of employees. Therefore, if you have extra cash make sure to create a wish list for employees so they to say what things they would like to have in the office. A nice thing to always implement is a recreational room or to make sure there is more green in the office (plants) as studies have also shown that it improves the air quality as well as overall mental health.