The unrefined appearance of Kraft paperboard is distinctive. Kraft Soap Boxes have come to symbolize refinement, antiquity, and natural ingredients. Because of the unique texture of kraft paperboard, every box has a touch of nostalgia.

They’re well-liked for being good for the environment, which can help a lot in winning over eco-conscious consumers. There are many advantages to using Kraft Soap Boxes.

Our 18 pt. The kraft paperboard is robust while still being extremely versatile and stylish. Kraft Soap Boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but here are some of the most common ones:

Both conventional and inverted tuck boxes

  • Compact discs that fold down flat
  • Concealment holsters
  • Packing for Kraft soap

Our Kraft Soap Boxes cutting service offers more than 3000 standard cuts, and we also welcome special orders. Look at some examples of soap box layouts for inspiration.

Kraft Soap Boxes

Maximum Creative Control Over Your Kraft Soap Boxes Layout

You would assume that kraft paperboard is not as versatile as other materials when it comes to aesthetics, but you’d be wrong. We can print your Kraft Soap Boxes in any color you choose using state-of-the-art printing equipment and premium inks. White ink printing is another popular option, since it provides a striking contrast that is appreciated by many of our clients. Explore our manual for more information on labeling and packaging branding.

Your Kraft Soap Boxes final look can be finished with a number of different embellishments. You have the option of:

Alternating raised and recessed patterns (embossing and debossing)

Elements can be given a three-dimensional, imprinted look using these methods and applied to the surface of a box. Because of the 3D effect, some parts of the design are highlighted and given greater depth.

Stamping using hot foil

The effect achieved by this method is that of metalization. Logos, copy, and embellishments can all be highlighted with gold, silver, or copper foiling.

slots and openings for displaying


Offering cutouts and windows into the soap’s packaging allows customers to get a better sense of the product’s color and feel, which can increase sales. Those interested in the product can also get a whiff of it.

Benefits Beyond Cost Savings That Come With Using SirePrinting’s Kraft Soap Boxes

Several of our regulars favor the classic look of a Kraft Soap Boxes for their company’s image. We count this among our many strengths. We have access to a wide variety of printing methods, so we can create any kind of box you can imagine. Learn more about the ways in which we may assist your company’s brand below:

economical responses

Everything from the paperboard’s initial preparation through the printing, cutting, gluing, and folding is done in-house by our team. Our charges are reasonable, and we’ll help you figure out how to cut costs without sacrificing quality. We also provide free CAD templates and proofreading services before printing.

kraft Soap Boxes

It was carried out flawlessly.

Your customized Custom Kraft Soap Boxes are on the way! We can print your custom kraft soap boxes with pinpoint accuracy thanks to our cutting-edge printing equipment and 29 years of industry experience. A comprehensive printing business, SirePrinting is based in Oregon, USA. There is no outsourcing of any kind, and the quality and care with which your boxes are produced is unmatched in the United States. Our method is quick and painless, typically taking only 10 days from start to finish.

Absolutely zero impact on the environment

Our earth is in dire need of our assistance, and even the smallest actions can make a difference. If you decide to have your Custom Kraft Soap Boxes printed by us, you’re making a decision that benefits the environment and your company’s bottom line. We feel a great sense of duty in producing eco-friendly soap packaging using only recycled paperboard, vegetable-based inks, and energy-efficient machinery.

To launch your project and boost your reputation, all it takes is a single mouse click. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.