Of all the films we saw in 2022, the one that stood out the most was probably Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro, a film that, even though it is based in a well-known story, caught everyone’s attention because of its delicate animation work that it required and its beloved screenplay that is well constructed and truly honest with the spectators.

This is not something new, Guillermo del Toro this is guaranteed in every one of the films that have his name on them, this is why he is Mexico’s representative in the film industry worldwide, as well as an authority in this matter; he is someone who has raised his voice regarding Mexico’s situation and as to how budget is being handled in this sector.

Pinocchio cost 35 million dollars and was made in frame by frame animation, a work that took many years and required the hands of a lot of people, plus it made use of the latest film technology.

Guillermo del Toro has spoken up several times about animation in films and has said that, to him, this is not just a genre, but it is filmmaking in itself with all the possibilities it implies. He says that it is not only for fantasy or children’s productions, but that any topic can be covered and in an intelligent way.

And speaking of animation, it is also true that the new generations have begun to take the lead in this sector, and nowadays there are many universities in the world who supply instruction in this area, and there are more young people who have become interested in showing the world their own work.

There is no question that technology is close to children and teenagers, many of who only need a computer to show that they are able to begin exploring the possibilities of film animation, to experiment, make their attempts, research and produce from home so that they can become professionals.

Olmo Cuarón, son of Alfonso Cuarón, is the perfect example of this. At almost 18 years old, he has his own YouTube channel in which he shows his animation work, as well as in his social media accounts, in which he has shown what he wishes to engage in, besides having all the odds in his favour since his father is a great director and friend of Guillermo del Toro.

It would suddenly seem that the new generations live in a world so simple that they have solved everything and therefore, have nothing new to propose. However, it is also true that these young people, like in the case of Olmo Cuarón, they are taking advantage of everything technology has to offer to make their own proposals, to stand out and bring to bear their talents in every way possible.

This is the type of filmmaking that we need to support, it is the one that is worthy of watching in the cinema and pay a ticket for it, because it also includes the work of many people, the professionalization of many young people and the survival of a sector that many times has to go against the current.